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Older news from August 2017

So there WAS a man huh?  But he had nothing to do with her disappearance. But I guess if they passed a polygraph then they MUST be telling the truth. Something in the water ain’t clean With this couple. And what’s up with all the PRETTY BLONDE BULLSHIT?  

August 11, 2017 this happened. Just in case you didn’t know. 

She was screaming hysterically and the neighbor called 911 for a welfare check. 

Courtesy of DAILY MAIL

Several neighbors reported hearing loud screams coming from the Papini home. A log of the incident, obtained by, reads: ‘RP [reporting party] req[uested] W/C [welfare check] on two listed neighbors due to hearing very loud noises (like a Jaws type movie) coming from their house last night around 2300 hrs.

‘RP’s father heard screaming 20 mins before RP heard this noise.’

Neighbor Linda Logan, 31, who made the call, told that she became concerned because hearing noise from the Papini property is so unusual.

She said: ‘The reason I called for a welfare check is because they are so quiet and private. I went out for a smoke around 11.32 pm but about two minutes later, I heard their TV on crazy loud.

‘I thought it was odd because they have two young kids but by 11.38pm it stopped. The next day, I talked to my dad and he said he had heard screaming about 20 minutes earlier.’

Retired police officer Jim Ferrario, 55, who occupies a second house on the same plot of land sitting directly behind the Papini home, added: ‘If I was still a cop, I would have gone to investigate. It sounded like she was freaking out.’

Linda continued: ‘I called for a welfare check around noon the next day because it was really weird – they are such quiet neighbors and it was so late and they have two very young children.’ No action was taken by police, although the call out was recorded in the official police log.

In response to’s request for comment, Papini’s spokeperson said:

‘Keith Papini was watching Game of Thrones a little too loudly at 11PM, and because the Papinis are so beloved by their neighbors, a call was placed after someone heard “screaming” and the sounds of a ‘Jaws type movie’ coming from the Papinis’ home. A wellness check was performed the next day to which no further inquiry or action was taken. This can also be verified by the appropriate authorities.’ 

But the visit is not the first time that officers from the local police department have been called to the property, according to records obtained by

Logs included in the Papini kidnap case file, part of which was made available to via a public records request, include a note of an incident in September 2010 in which the mother-of-two believed she was victim of an online scam.

Papini made a second call to police just eight months later, in June 2011, claiming that an ‘unknown suspect’ had obtained her bank details.

Detective Sergeant Brian Jackson, one of the lead investigators on the Papini case, told that both cases were closed with no criminal filings but said neither ‘appear to have any connection’ to the kidnappers. The same file also reveals Papini had crossed paths with law enforcement prior to marrying first husband Richard Dreyfus, 32, in 2007 and current spouse Keith in 2009.

Police records included in the file show Papini was accused by her sister of kicking in the back door of the Shasta Lake family home in October 2000.

A second call, made the same day by her parents Richard and Loretta Graeff, describes the incident as ‘vandalism’ and says Papini had gone off ‘to somewhere in Redding’.

In September 2003, the pretty blonde was found riding in a ‘suspicious vehicle’ by police in Shasta Lake, accompanied by a friend named Brandin Weese. According to the record, the silver Jeep Papini was riding in narrowly missed another car at a junction on Sacramento Street.

A month later, Papini’s parents called the cops for a second time regarding their daughter, this time claiming she had taken money from her father’s bank account – although the log notes she later returned it.

In December 2003, Papini’s mother made a third call to cops, telling officers her daughter, then 21, was harming herself and blaming it on her.

According to the log, Loretta also asked the police for advice because Papini was returning to live in the family home.

The final call included in the case file was made by Keith in November 2011, who reported a loose pitbull dog running around on his remote property and asked to have it removed. 

Records show that the next contact with police at the home came when Keith reported his wife missing on November 2, 2016.

The official log of the incident shows the first panicked phone call came in at 5.51pm that day with cops arriving at the property at 6.30pm.

A summary of the call made to police by Keith notes: ‘Arrived home from work and wife isn’t there. Wife also didn’t pick up their juvs [children] from school.

UPDATED DNA evidence October 26, 2017

New DNA evidence was found concerning this case. (That I thought was closed) but anyway. …

  The samples belonged to a woman and a man and were collected off Papini’s body and clothing, respectively, said Sgt. Brian Jackson. The DNA samples submitted to the FBI did not belong to Papini or her husband.

Authorities also revealed Wednesday the existence of a male acquaintance from Michigan that Papini had been texting and had planned to meet when he was in California, then said he was not involved in the incident. Papini had vanished Nov. 2 while she was out for a jog in the small town of Mountain Gate. Her husband reported her missing after he came home from work and found that she hadn’t picked up their children from day care, officials said. Her cellphone and headphones were found near where she had last been seen, about a mile from her home, investigators said.

She was found before sunrise on Thanksgiving on the side of Interstate 5 in Yolo County with a quarter-inch-thick chain around her waist, hose clamps around her wrists, her face bruised and her nose broken from beatings she sustained during her time in captivity, her family said. She was emaciated and weighed only 87 pounds when she flagged down a motorist, who dialed 911.

Officials said they were not aware of a motive for the apparent kidnapping. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko also said it was not clear whether Sherri Papini knew her abductors. Her captors branded her shoulder and cut her hair to shoulder-length, officials said. Her kidnappers covered their faces and usually had a bag over Papini’s head. They freed her by simply kicking her out of their car on the side of the road, authorities said.

Papini described her captors as two women who spoke Spanish most of the time. She described one of the captors as having long curly hair, pierced ears, thin eyebrows and a thick accent.

The second captor was described as being older, with thick eyebrows and straight black hair with some gray.

Both Papini and her husband have passed polygraph tests regarding their accounts of the incident, authorities said.

And there’s more. I hadn’t checked my email for a few days, but checked today and there was a link to go to. Thank you for sending me the link.

I’m going to share a glimpse of what’s there. 

I can’t believe this. Can you? 

{Jackson also shed more light on the condition Papini was in when she was found on the side of the road in Yolo County, and what happened while she was gone — including a fight Papini said she had with one of the captors. she was being processed at the hospital … no evidence of a cut was seen in the photographs.” 

Papini told a forensic interviewer that she slammed her younger captor’s head into a toilet when she was allowed to leave her captivity room for a shower, Jackson said. He said Papini told the interviewer that she got a cut on the side of her right foot in the fight, but “when she was being processed at the hospital … no evidence of a cut was seen in the photographs.” 

Papini told investigators that she otherwise avoided looking the women in the face so that they wouldn’t beat her, Jackson said.

Papini also told investigators that right before she was released, the two captors were arguing and then she heard a gunshot, Jackson said. The younger of the women then escorted Papini out of a room, put her in a vehicle and drove along a winding road, eventually dropping her on the side of the road, Jackson said Papini told investigators. 

Jackson detailed more of Papini’s physical condition when she was found, too. 

He said officials found DNA from two people on Papini — that of a man and a woman. Jackson said authorities collected the woman’s DNA from Papini’s body, while the man’s was found on the clothes she wore when found.}


Sherri Papini admitted that there was no sexual assault, so there goes the theory that she was a sex slave. I knew that was bullshit. The branding did happen, however isn’t legible and it’s kinda like a carving (What’s the point of a brand that you can’t read)? Also she was a cutter. Inflicting pain upon herself is nothing new. I’ve beat this story to death. 

If you’re new to my blogs this is the way I blog sometimes. I could just copy and paste the news, but It’s good to get the entire story. Check it out. You find one news story and 50 other sites have the SAME story, verbatim. All we do is pick a website and decide who we want to read from.  I honestly don’t mean to judge or be harsh. But if I feel someone is lying, I’m going to say something. Thanks for reading my blogs!