So when I first read this story,  I misunderstood it. I thought they were in a car having sex. But nope, they were bumping uglies on the pavement. Haha! 

This guy is a complete sex addict. Come on. Look at em. He’s all dazed and horny, and high and drunk. This guy suffers from EVERY addiction out there. Is it funny? Yep. 

When you hit rock bottom,  you’ll know it, Because your partners will start looking like shit. This guy needs help. Anybody having sex in the parking lot of a liquor store has got to be high. And they didn’t even care. 

Imagine the cop who rolled up on that. Imagine his disgust. 

And who came up With the idea between the two of them? Sex takes time doesn’t it?  You’ve gotta feel the mood. But I doubt Kevin feels anything. I’m grossed out and scarred emotionally. This is one fucked up porn couple. Would you watch them in action? 

Two people were arrested last week after reportedly being caught having sex in the parking lot of a metro liquor store.

Oklahoma County court records show that Kevin Bohanon, 21, and Verna LeClair, 41, both were arrested Oct. 19 on complaints of indecent exposure.

At approximately 4:45 p.m. police were called to George’s Liquor after two people were observed having sex in the parking lot of the business. Officers arrived on scene and allegedly observed Bohanon on top of LeClair on the ground of the lot.

The officer noted that both Bohanon and LeClair’s pants were down. When the subjects stood up their genitals were exposed. Both were then arrested.

Bohanon was arrested in August after he was caught masturbating between two stores in southwest Oklahoma City. He recently pleaded guilty to that charge.