Something as simple as candy is all it takes to lure your kids. I remember being warned about this as a child And I was like,  “I’m not getting into any car.” We always had tons of candy as a kid and that’ll explain my dental health. 

I’m not trying to make light of this. But this child seemed old enough to know better. Do they not teach stranger danger in school anymore?  Perhaps she didn’t see him as a threat. Maybe he’d talked to her dad before and she thought it was ok. 

We have to provide for our kids. Candy is so cheap and I know it’s unhealthy, however, seeing that your child is so desperate for attention and a treat should sound an alarm. Something is amiss in your parenting. You need to spend more time with your child. I remember my daughter being Under 2. She was standing right beside us and there was a man trying to get her attention. My mind was focused elsewhere. I had her hand but he had her attention. He had a Snickers bar. He literally walked over to my daughter and tried to give it to her. I wasn’t having that. I shoved it back at him. Her dad stood up and the guy backed down. I know she would have gone With him to get that candy. She’s a child. She’s innocent and this man knew how to lure. We have to watch our babies. I’d we don’t, who will?   

I try to meet all of my kids needs and some of their wants. Not to spoil them, but to ensure that they don’t feel like they are missing anything. There are so many angles that perverts come at our kids. I tell my girls how beautiful and intelligent they are. I encourage them and try to help build character and confidence in them. If I don’t tell them, someone with a dirty agenda will. 

Courtesy of KWQC 

Bettendorf, IA – Bettendorf Police arrested 58-year-old Gregg Thurston on Friday morning after he was confronted by the father of the child he’s accused of assaulting. The incident happened on the west side of Bettendorf near I-74 and south of Spruce Hills Drive. KWQC is not releasing the address of the incident to protect the identity of the victim.

According to police, two girls in the neighborhood were standing outside of Thurston’s home . When the 13-year-old girl got on the bus, the 12-year-old began walking home. She tells police that’s when Thurston told her he had something for her. Thinking it was candy, she returned to his home. Police say that is when Thurston began inappropriately touching the child.

She told police she left and began walking home when Thurston began following her. She said she was scared and started running home, and Thurston began chasing her. That’s when the girl’s father saw her running towards the house and confronted Thurston.

Thurston admitted to police to inappropriately touching the child and knowing she was in elementary school. In July, Thurston was involuntarily appointed two guardians.

He faces charges of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse, indecent contact with a child and violation of a no-contact order. Thurston posted bond.