Should we start the sterilization process? Maybe we need a social worker for every child born. It’s so discouraging to see these unfit mom’s being able to give birth to healthy babies, have no love for these kids. There are so many women out there who can’t have children and these moms are given the natural gift and they destroy it. 

Something about this seems unfair. In the hospital, they need to start questioning these women as to whether they believe they are capable of raising a child. These women are treating the birth of a child like a death sentence. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We spend so much time judging mom’s on everything they do. To breastfeed or not. When to potty train, when the child should be crawling, climbing, walking and talking. So there’s a lot of pressure on a mother to be perfect. No wonder they don’t want to show any signs of weakness. No wonder they don’t want to ask for help. But these parents? Meth Meth and more Meth. 

A Utah woman wanted in connection with the beating death of her 13-day-old baby boy was arrested today in Georgia.

Maria Sullivan has family in Georgia and police had previously stated she might be in the area.,Georgia police spokeswoman Sgt. Marianne Kelley told said the Utah woman was in a hospital and officials there learned she had an outstanding warrant for her arrest and contacted police. As she was discharged from the hospital Sunday, she was arrested and was in the process of being booked into jail Sunday afternoon, when Kelley spoke with KUTV.

She is wanted in Utah for the first degree murder charges in the death of her child.

Kelley said she didn’t know how hospital officials learned Sullivan was wanted, or how police were notified, but thought she might have disclosed something to hospital staff. Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office was called about Sullivan around 2:15 p.m. Sunday. A part-time deputy works at the hospital and he contacted on-duty officers.

Police previously arrested Sullivan’s boyfriend, Dylan Kitzmiller, and issued a warrant for the mother’s arrest.

According to police, the child suffered broken ribs, bruising, and blood on the brain.

The two were living together in the basement of Kitzmiller’s mother’s house when the police were called Sept. 17. Sullivan told police Kitzmiller had been abusing the child and using heroin daily. Both Sullivan and Kitzmiller are charged with murder and child abuse.

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West Jordan Police said 26-year-old Maria Sullivan’s 13-day-old baby was beaten to death in September. They arrested her boyfriend, 21-year-old Dylan Kitzmiller, Saturday.

The two will face charges of first degree felony murder in addition to three counts of child abuse.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said there was evidence Kitzmiller abused the baby boy.

“There were statements that the child was being handled roughly by the arm and shoulder. That Kitzmiller would throw the baby up in the air, catch him in the air,” Gill said. “The girlfriend indicated there was a level of abuse going on. She was aware of this abuse. She took no steps to stop this or to take the child to safety.”

More detailsThe child was born September 4 with no known health problems, and on September 17 the child was pronounced dead by medical responders in West Jordan where the couple lived with a relative.

Prosecutors allege Kitzmiller was abusing the child regularly and that Sullivan knew about the abuse but did nothing to stop it or to get treatment for the injuries.

On the day of the child’s death, Sullivan told police she was on the phone with a friend and speaking about her desire to “get away from Kitzmiller’s abuse” of her and her son.

As this call was occurring, the baby was in Kitzmiller’s sole care. When Sullivan went downstairs she found the baby wearing only a diaper while Kitzmiller moved the boy’s legs “in a rough weird bicycle thing.” The man told Sullivan the boy would be fine and to just put him to sleep. She picked him up and he seemed calmer, but later that night she heard the boy making noises and gasping for air. She pinched the boy to try to get him to respond and said she heard the baby gasp a few more times before the child stopped breathing.

The couple went upstairs to use a relative’s phone to call 911. First responders performed CPR but life-saving measures were ultimately unsuccessful.

Charging documents say Sullivan told police that Kitzmiller was rough with the baby, though she continued to leave him in his care. She also said she had learned the man was using heroin daily and said he was verbally abusive toward her.

She said he would abuse the boy, including grabbing him by the shoulder and throwing him in the air, swaddling him face down and on one occasion covering the boy’s mouth and noise with his hand as the baby cried. She said he once threw the baby back and forth between his hands and also slapped him in the face and would bite his hands.Charging documents state Sullivan was aware of the injuries but never sought medical care for her son.

Police say Kitzmiller told officers that Sullivan and a relative had yelled at him for being too rough with the baby, and he said he and Sullivan had used heroin in front of the child. He said Sullivan did not cause any of the boy’s injuries.

A doctor examined the boy and found he had lost 14 percent of his body mass in weight in the 13 days since his birth, going from 5 pounds 6 ounces to 4 pounds and 8 ounces at death. He had abrasions and bruises on his face and body. The boy also suffered a spinal fracture and a broken rib along with a “massive” amount of swelling in his brain.