Courtesy of News 13

A 30-year-old Seminole County high school teacher had a sexual relationship with an underage female student, deputies say.

Jaclyn Marie Truman was employed at Lake Howell High School, a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrest report states.

According to the report, an investigator met with a girl at Hagerty High School on the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 4. The girl reported that she’d been in a sexual relationship with Truman for about two months starting in March 2016. The girl said she was 15 at the time.

On Thursday, deputies interviewed Truman at her home in east Orange County. She turned herself in to the sheriff’s office that evening, the report states.

Truman was booked into the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Sanford. She faces two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on a minor between 12-16 years old; bond was set at $40,000, and she bonded out Friday afternoon.

Investigators think Truman might have had relationships with other minors. School district records state she was employed at Lyman High School from Novembewr 2005 to October 2008, when she took a position at Asbury Theological Seminary as Coordinator for Mentored and Pastoral Counseling that lasted until December 2013. From November 2015 to May 2017, she was at Hagerty High, and she started at Lake Howell in August.

She has no previous criminal history or employee misconduct. She was placed on administrative leave Oct. 2, when the school district was notified by child protective services of the allegations.

Truman submitted a resignation letter late last month, which took effect today, according to the school district.

Anyone who has concerns is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 1-407-665-6650.

Basically hide your kids. These teachers are getting worse and worse. They are bouncing from school to school and trying to cover their tracks along the way. The children make it easy for them because they are so naive. Many of them think it’s cool to sleep with their teacher knowing full well that it’s wrong. Some would argue that their youth makes them unaware of the consequences. However,  To a certain age,  there’s no way you can say you didn’t know or weren’t aware that what you were doing was illegal. 

Children are born with fucked up nature and we don’t have to teach them to lie or steal. It comes naturally. We have to teach them to be better than their nature. When you tell me that your child stayed quiet while being sexually abused for 5 years by her step dad because he promised to buy her something or he increased her allowance,  you’re telling me that you’ve given birth to a child with no scruples and as an adult they would sell their bodies If the price is right. There are many children who would never fall for this foolishness. To refuse to speak up because you’re genuinely afraid for your life or your family members life is completely understandable. Refusing to speak up because he promised you skittles shows that your child needs to learn the value of their bodies and some lessons in honesty. Your child is fucked up. Maybe you should give your kid more candy that way they aren’t so easily persuaded. 

How about giving your kid more attention. These men and women look for character flaws in your kids. Their little personalities shine bright and it’s a glimpse as to who they will be as adults.  If I discovered that My kid was sucking dicks for a lollipop,  I’m going to ask myself,  where the hell did I GO WRONG. 

You start teaching these lessons EARLY. 

With the teenager in the story, I don’t believe this child was manipulated. They were horny and an opportunity presented itself and they took it. They aren’t going to realize that they slept with a pedophile until they are an adult. At the time of doing it, it seems cool and funny and you’re being a rebel by not listening to your parents. Then you get older and realize they were right and you were an idiot