I have seen this before.  Not often but it’s been done but usually by drug addicted mom’s.  I can’t wrap my head around This. They are saying that shes mentally ill,  but she sent the photos out to their father. I’m not saying that shes not fucked in the head,  but. … help me with this yall. When the father describes his feelings it’s too much to handle. Imagine the horror of seeing your children like this. And looking at her mugshot,  does she look remorseful to you?  

Atlanta, GA – An Atlanta mom is accused of killing her 1- and 2-year-old sons by cooking them alive in an oven — and then sending their father footage of the grisly aftermath.

Investigators say Lamora Williams crammed the boys — Ke’Younte Penn, 2, and Ja’Karter Williams,1 — in the oven some time between midnight Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

A warrant for her arrest claims the 24-year-old single mother of four killed the youngsters “by placing them in an oven and turning it on,” the paper reported.

The official cause of death is pending an autopsy.

Williams called the boys’ father, Jameel Penn, Friday night to show him live video of the crime scene — including the children lying burned on the floor — which prompted him to call 911.

“I ain’t got no soul no more,” the grieving dad said during a Saturday vigil, according to the Journal Constitution. “Ja’karter, Keyante, my world, my everything. I’m lost.”

Williams was arrested on felony murder charges on Saturday and was ordered held without bond in Fulton County jail. She told cops that she left the kids in a sitter’s care and found the kids dead when she came home late Friday.

Relatives told the Constitution Journal that Williams suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder.

Her 6-year-old daughter was placed in family members’ care, according to police, but it was not immediately clear where her fourth child was.

Williams did not show up to her first court appearance Monday.

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“Ma’am, I have a question,” Williams begins after the 911 call was answered about 11:30 p.m. Friday.


More than two minutes and 20 seconds pass before she tells the dispatcher where she is located.

She repeats several times that she was at work and had left her three sons with a cousin, who left them all alone at the Oakland City West End apartment on Howell Place.

“This is so serious; I’m so scared,” Williams, 24, tells the dispatcher. “I don’t want to get locked up because I was at work.” 

The dispatcher tries to calm Williams and promises to send help, but Williams repeats herself.

“This is not my fault; I just came home from work,” she says.

As soon as the address is revealed, the dispatcher calls police and fire.

Williams thanks them and the line goes dead.


She basically lied to the dispatcher and even hesitated to give her exact location. 

Her concern wasn’t for her children,  it was for herself.