So even without a body,  he’s arrested for her murder.  They better not mess this up or this case could get thrown out. Giving premature charges isn’t cool unless you have some damn good circumstantial evidence.  

From the looks of it and I’m just reading about this case today,  he did it.  The fact that he has a difficult time moving on and not being able to accept rejection and also he’s an abusive asshole, he did it.  

 Phoenix, AZ – The ex-husband of a retired U.S. Army captain who is presumed dead has been arrested on suspicion of her murder.

Dalen Larry Ware, 39, was taken into custody at his home in Phoenix, Ariz., on Friday. His ex-wife, 37-year-old Julia Jacobson, was reported missing last month.

Jacobson was last seen on Sept. 2. Days later her SUV was found near her San Diego, Calif., home with the keys in the ignition.

Police in Ontario, Calif., said forensic evidence in Jacobson’s abandoned SUV led detectives to believe she was killed.

Investigators did not disclose a possible motive, and no remains have been found. Ontario police have continued to search for the bodies of Jacobson and Boogie, her pet Wheaten Terrier, according to The San Diego Union Tribune.

“It is our hope we will find Julia and Boogie soon, but we need help and tips from the public because we do not know where she is,” Ontario Detective Melissa Ramirez reportedly said Tuesday.

Ware will be transferred to California to face a murder charge.

Jacobson, a veteran of the Army, served two tours in Iraq and worked for a 7-Eleven corporate office, the Tribune reported.

More back story from News10 

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — Court documents obtained by 10News are revealing more about a missing army veteran’s relationship with her ex-husband. The documents show that it was Julia Jacobson who filed for divorce from her husband Dalen Ware back in March 2016. 

Investigators arrested Ware yesterday in Arizona for the death of his ex-wife. 

Jacobson disappeared on Labor Day weekend with her dog Boogie. Police and her family have been looking for her ever since. 

According to the documents, Jacobson cited irreconcilable differences as her reason for wanting out of the marriage. In a separate document, Jacobson asked a judge to finalize the divorce so she could remarry. The pair didn’t have any children. 

The couple married in Chula Vista on February 28th, 2014 and separated on March 1st, 2016. 

Julia was last seen in Ontario, California. Her car was found days later in University Heights. Although police arrested Ware for her murder, Julia and her dog are still missing. 

Ware will be moved to a San Bernardino County jail. The Ontario Police department is now in charge of the case. 

Past court documents show allegations of abuse against Ware. A woman in a previous relationship with him claimed that he made her life miserable. 10News is not naming the woman because she said she is an abuse victim. The request for a domestic violence restraining order was filed in April 2014. The woman said that Ware “hasn’t accepted divorce and me moving on with my life.” 

She wrote that she had a number of disturbing texts and voicemails fom him, calling her derogatory names. He said that she did not respond to any of his calls or texts messages, but he continued to harass her. 

“This has continued to make my life miserable by harrassing [sp] me through phone and text. I continue to fear for my safety,” she wrote in the court documents. “It has now escalated to him stalking me and popping up at any time.”

The court records show that the temporary restraining order was denied until a court hearing.

Ware is expected to be brought back to California from Arizona next week.