The pimp/Robber

Molly Joy Garza isn’t a ho as far as we know. She’s just a thief. Lol She works directly with hookers in an effort to rob unsuspecting Johns. She’s a hustler. 

Deputies with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office have arrested four people they said robbed a man during sex.

The sheriff’s office said the suspects were arrested in the 6400 block of Wurzbach Road.

Investigators believe on Sept. 25 a man met up with a woman to have sex.

When the pair were in the backseat of the woman’s car, three other people robbed the man, the sheriff’s office said.

Mollyann Joy Garza, 20, and Kristen Renee Moore, 22, have been arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.

The names of the other two people arrested were not released.

One of the oldest tricks in the book. I honestly don’t understand how a man is supposed to get some honest sex. I mean really,  TRUST is the most important component and if I you can’t trust your call girl,  you’re fucked. …or not.  Lol 

Alright so after some psycho bitch came on my blog I decided to FIX it. 

The bait/Hooker
Another thief

I’m starting to feel bad because I didn’t give this story the Ericka Courtney treatment. And we all know what that means. It’s where I dig deep into your life and find out everything I can and post all your shit publicly. 

When I picked this story it reminded me of shit girls used to do from the 90s. If they keep talking shit I’ll start digging. I don’t take too kindly to whores coming on my site trying to tell me how to run things. 

So I took the liberty of getting things right. When I’m wrong I admit it. Guys I’m sorry for leaving out TONS of details. 

Alright the REAL STORY

Moore, Garza and Corrales were apprehended along with one other who was still being interviewed by detectives Tuesday afternoon and was not identified, authorities said in the release.

BCSO officials confirmed that the incident occurred on Sept. 25 when a person met with Elexis Justine Lopez for sex in the 45000 block of Everest Loop. Lopez insisted they have sex in the back of her car instead of his, authorities said.

While sitting in the back seat of a vehicle, two others approached the car and began banging on the car windows, telling the man to get out, investigators said.

Lopez allegedly used a stun gun on the man and stole his gold chains off his neck, according to her arrest warrant affidavit.

When he got out of the car, Corrales and another suspect allegedly assaulted him, stealing his belongings in the process, according to a previous report.

Although the other suspects ran from the scene, deputies tracked down Lopez shortly after the incident and arrested her on a charge of aggravated robbery.

Authorities said they are not searching for any other suspects in the case.

I thought I had done good with the initial story. Hopefully this clarifies everything.