So last night I decided to watch Netflix and out of all the shows I had to choose from, I decided on Lock Up. Basically it’s a show about being locked up in a Sacramento jail.  They give background on the inmates and give you a closer look at the day to day operations. 

That was all well and good until I went to sleep. 

I ended up having a fucked up dream about A jail orgy. Like really?  Everybody in jail was having a blast,  guards included. Lol There was this one scene where the guard literally slung his penis over a gate. Omg I’m so embarrassed to even be telling you this stupid dream,  but why should I be the only one to suffer? But he threw it over a gate and this girl was giving him smokey. After waking up,  now I’m like,  HOW BIG WAS THAT THING?  Haha haha.  I watched several things last night. THE BABYSITTER on Netflix,  and I watched Real Rob and this is the shit that enters my dreams?  I’m never going to sleep again. 

I wonder if theres a prison porn movie?  I’m not talking about rape you freaks, I’m talking about actual voluntary porn? Lo and behold there is! People have thought of everything. Yes I was looking it up and noticed tons of stuff. Omg people are pervs. 

What does it say about me that I had that stupid dream? No idea. But That was the craziest dream I’ve had in a long time.