Two Florida moms allegedly overdosedon heroin with their infant children in the backseat on Thursday, police said. 

Kristen Leigh O’Connor, 28, and 29-year-old June Schweinhart were found overdosed in their vehicle after one of them called 911 for help, according to the Boynton Beach Police Department.

Cops said that O’Connor told them that she picked up Schweinhart in an SUV and the pair bought $60 worth of heroin from her old drug dealer. Both women’s babies were in the car. 

“For whatever reason, they decided yesterday to buy heroin and then snorted it while inside the car with their children,” the Boynton Beach Police Department wrote on Facebook about the incident. 

When one of the women began convulsing, the other called police but then began to overdose herself and a bystander spoke with police, authorities said. 

O’Connor and Schweinhart were charged with child neglect and taken to jail after being released from the hospital, reports said. 

The babies, who were one and two months old, were turned over to relatives after being “snuggled by officers for hours,” police said.

The women later told cops that they met in a drug treatment program and bonded during their pregnancies.

“We hope this serves as a wake-up call for these moms, and that they seek further treatment for their addiction,” police wrote. 

I saw two junkies yesterday as I was pulling in at the store. They looked horrible. Like they hadn’t slept in days. It was just sad looking at them. Their eyes were all sunken in. They looked hopeless and lost. And strangely enough,  on a mission. I don’t have a problem with a personal choice to use drugs. Why should I care? It’s not my body.  But the crimes that junkies commit in order to support their habit. That’s what I don’t like.  Why do they pair up?  What’s up with the double addict approach?  It’s hard to just see ONE JUNKIE. They always have somebody with them. And I thought in rehab you aren’t supposed to make friends with other addicts. I’m wrong?  Because usually one will influence the other. 

  1. Also if these girls were just getting out of rehab or HAD been in rehab,  why are you giving them their kids?

They need to prove themselves worthy of having kids. You give a junkie a baby and that becomes income. Foodstamps to sell and Cash to use for drugs with no concern or very little for the baby.