This guy is so fucking dumb. I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve been trying to be objective, but this is just ridiculous. 

He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. He’s got no compassion whatsoever. Throwing paper towels into the crowd. After a woman explains the tablets for purifying dirty water,  he literally mocks her in her face. Then when a distressed resident of Puerto Rico states that they NEED FLASHLIGHTS this idiot tells the guy they don’t need them anymore. Wtf Trump?  The country is 95% without electricity. Have you lost your rabid mind sir?  They DO need Flashlights. 

This dude had no class, absolutely none. He is by far the most OUT OF TOUCH President I’ve seen in my lifetime. He’s an insensitive jerk.

This spoiled rotten, dude is such a fucking embarrassment for the US. 

He thinks EVERYTHING is a competition. I’m glad that we have a Vice President with a better grasp on reality than the moron who won. For fucks sake,  would Hillary Clinton really have been worse than this man?  I just want to know how the hell Hillary could be worse than this. Why the hell didn’t Bernie Sanders win?  That’s who I wanted to win. And now I’m stuck with this psycho. Man I can’t wait for this to be over. It feels like a horrible nightmare. 

As long as this idiot can keep the gas prices under $3.00 then I’ll try to find something good to say at the end of his term. 

The only thing this dude has done since he’s been in office is have a mini dick fight with the North Korean President Kim Jong Un and that’s just a stupid egotistical grudge match. And his MAIN OBJECTIVE is to try and UNDO everything Barack Obama did. Lol 

Does this fool realize that he’s the fucking President of the greatest country and that he actually HAS power to DO SOMETHING GOOD? He’s spending valuable time tweeting about nonsense with his immature ass. 
And look at this shit below. 

In this video he basically insults Puerto Rico and mocks their death count. I’m watching this fool on TV SAYING it. It’s not fake news. I’m looking at you and hearing you say it. You mocked those people and told them that their devastation was NOTHING compared to Hurricane Katrina. Who does that?  This isn’t about Attacking Presidential behavior. This is about how we are supposed to treat each other as human beings. You don’t throw things at people who are suffering. You don’t treat them like animals. You don’t laugh at their suffering. You don’t tell them Aye you got it better than somebody else. 

Even if the body count is significantly lower,  why are you even mentioning that?  You’re supposed to be reaching out to the people. This self centered fraud is so busy applauding himself that he’s completely oblivious to those around him. You want to debate about what the news is covering?  Well imagine if the news didn’t show the actual facts. You think they are picking on him?  Maybe they are. But he’s giving them all the material needed. He’s the problem and he doesn’t care. He’s a narcissistic personality. 

The only thing Trump has going for himself is,  He’s got money. You think he’s so great because he visited Puerto Rico,  but EVERY PRESIDENT visits the natural disaster area after its safe.  This guy doesn’t deserve kudos. He hasn’t done anything special. President Obama was able to accomplish the ACA with so much opposition. That’s the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT. He went through hell to get that done. What will Trump do?  What will he accomplish during his 4 years in the White House?