Baldwin County, AL —  A Bay Minette man has been arrested after allegedly making a terroristic threat on Facebook referencing the Las Vegas mass shooting.

On October 2, 2017 the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office received “numerous complaints that a man was on Facebook making threats of violence against the citizens of Bay Minette, Alabama.”

After an investigation into Gilliam’s alleged Facebook posts, he was arrested at 300 West Railroad Street in Bay Minette on one count of making a terroristic threat. 

Anthony Lowery, with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, says Gilliam was taken into custody without incident. Deputies searched the residents and did not find any firearms.  It is unknown whether the home was Gilliam’s place of residence because the jail log lists Gilliam as homeless.

23-year-old Joel Logan Gilliam is being held without bond in the Baldwin County Jail on a terrorist threat charge.

A News 5 viewer sent screenshots of posts made on Gilliam’s Facebook page Monday. One reads, “Who wants to come slaughter all of bay minette like vegas…”(sic) and another reads, “For those (expletive) who are 6 feet under in vegas Lucifer blessed me with eternal life for that (expletive)” (sic).

It appears the posts have since been deleted. The suspect told deputies that he was bored and wanted to see how many people would react to his Facebook posts.

During the interview Gilliam said the posts were a joke and did not appear to feel bad for his actions. However, an apology on his Facebook reads, “I’m sorry for the things i said it was just a jokei didnt mean to offend anyone my heart does go out to those who where killed and injured!” (sic)

Looks like we have two Different people. I’m certain that I saw the Atheism symbol on his page,  then he’s talking about God. And wouldn’t you say the guy above in the Mugshots look like he would and could do this?  But this cleaned up version of him below, he’s a clean cut young man with compassionate eyes?  

Then theres this. What’s up with the LEADER thing?  Yes Trump is the US President,  not mine cause ain’t no way I’m claiming that,  but this is a cult statement. 

Did he mean what he said or was he serious about the attack?  We never know. And the thing that bothers me is when these threats occur, people usually just brush it off. Maybe it depends on WHO is making the threat. I’m certain a middle eastern man would already be on the watch list.