Who can you trust these days?  You leave your child in the care of an adult and they pass the responsibility on to somebody else. I never trusted anyone with my kids. They were mine and I’m taking care of them.  

Every parent doesn’t have this opportunity. But I chose to sacrifice career and all in order to be With my children. You don’t have to do that. But with the childhood that I had,  I wasn’t letting go of my babies. No way. I knew family and friends couldn’t be trusted. At least not in my family. So you learn how to depend on yourself. 

This is every parents nightmare. 

Amarillo, TX – A Potter County jury has indicted 23-year-old Shynequa Pollard for murder after police say her 6-year-old killed an 8-month-old infant while the child was supposed to be in her care.

On July 1, officers responded to an infant who was unresponsive in the 1100 block of South Carolina Street.

According to officials, Pollard was babysitting five children when she decided to leave a 6-year-old child in charge of four other children under the age of three. The indictment states the 6-year-old was known to have previously been violent with other children.

An autopsy showed that the infant suffered from an intracranial hemorrhage because of a skull fracture and blunt force trauma to the head.

Shynequa Pollard was indicted September 20.