I’m just asking. Because you can’t tell me that raping another man ONLY makes you a rapist. I’m kinda thinking you might be gay.

Black Mountain, NC — The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office has made three arrests as part of its investigation into allegations of sexual offense Saturday in Black Mountain. 

According to a search warrant, a man reported in a 911 call that four men dragged him into a residence and sexually assaulted him at knifepoint.

A search warrant was issued for the residence off of Yates Avenue in Ridgecrest. Deputies were instructed to seize items that might include fingerprints, blood stains, trace fibers, DNA and other possible evidence.

Three men, Michael James Cairaway, 37, of Black Mountain, Robert Kyle Carter, 40, of Swannanoa, and John Wesley Hardin, 38, of Swannanoa, were all arrested on charges of first-degree forcible sex offense.

All were being held at the Buncombe County Detention Center.