Alright am I overreacting?  Maybe!  But dammit When it was time to write about other stories of this magnitude,  Stuff was readily available. I’m calm now. But I was mad as hell when I wrote this blog.  
Come on US! THIS MEDIA is full of shit. Yahoo,  CNN, FOX NEWS,  none of them are showing this mans face!  Why cause its a white guy?  Yall this is grossing me out. I thought we were a country of FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. No matter what,  we SHOW AND TELL.  The pulse shooters photo was EVERYWHERE because he was Muslim. If this were a black man,  I wouldn’t be able to turn away from seeing his photo. The only photo these folks are showing is Someone who had already Been cleared. MS DANLEY!  Why is her picture everywhere?  Because she’s Asian?  Sick ass people won’t even cover the news properly.  I pride myself on bringing truth and facts NO MATTER if it’s My own race. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. And I can’t find any mainstream sites that ALWAYS show stories with the photo of the criminals. But in THIS CASE,  NOTHING!  It’s Been hours Once again.  CNN,  Yahoo, CBS, FOX, Wikipedia,  Come on now. 
Watch the video of his brother talking. 

Finally I find it on BBC it’s front page. It’s supposed to be FRONT PAGE!  IT’S news dammit!  

And I think CBS FINALLY broke down and showed it. I can tell that it’s hard to locate. Why?  My blog shows me everything people typed up to get to my site. They want to see his face. And if they are coming to my blog, they are having a difficult time locating it. 

The picture below is the best they got? ? Lol yeah right. Man imma have to go to BBC to find out what’s going on in the states?