Thank goodness! You know I’m glad that we were all posting those pics of him. If you did share, thank you!  We can’t continue to be oblivious to these crimes. These folks think they are invincible and ASSUME people don’t care. But we do care.  This is why I blog. This woman was an upstanding member of society. The situation should be reversed. Bad people don’t deserve to walk the streets. And this man committed two bank robberies. He should have spent nothing less than 25 years in prison. Jennifer would indeed have been alive today if not for our penal system. I can’t wait to get answers as to what happened.  

This man,  although innocent until proven guilty, took a mother, a wife,  a friend, a grandmother etc. He needs to be held accountable. 

You know,  there’s never a good time to say this.  But I’ve always had a passion to help homeless people. And I just wonder if Jennifer somehow thought she was helping him.  It’s easy to get caught up with a con artist like this,  especially if you’re a kind hearted person. I think of all the homeless men and women who I’ve given money to and it’s frightening to think that their backgrounds weren’t good. Yet from the kindness of my heart,  they received a gift.  I never want to change my spirt of helping people,  but this story is discouraging. We don’t want to get desensitized to others needs, but at the same time,  we don’t want to be your prey.  
Story below. …

Courtesy of AP 

Scott Edward Nelson, 53, was found in the Sunshine Inn, 5830 New Kings Road, said Officer Melissa Bujeda of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Criminal Apprehension Unit made the arrest.

I knew he wasn’t that far. He’s dumb and he’s homeless. There’s only so far you can go. 

People staying at the Sunshine Inn motel, reached by phone Sunday evening, said law enforcement officers rushed them out of their rooms Sunday afternoon. The officers told them to gather behind the motel’s office, then went into the room where Nelson was staying and arrested him.

Residents said they saw officers with large guns around Nelson’s room.

Winter Park Police Chief Michael Deal thanked other law enforcement departments and citizens who helped in the investigation Sunday night. He did not release more details about how Nelson got to Jacksonville or how he was found. “Great work by all involved,” he said in a written statement.