Alright at 12:08 a.m September 30, 2017 OJ was released from prison. 

Everybody has their own opinion about what happened at the OJ Simpson trial. I was only 18-19 when this thing took place.  My thoughts?  

He was found NOT GUILTY. Let that shit ride. Leave the man alone. If you’re a Christian then you should know that God will punish him and you aren’t to judge. 

If you’re like me and don’t believe in God’s then you’d realize that it really doesn’t fucking matter if he gets out because PEOPLE BEEN KILLING UP A FUCKING STORM while OJ was behind bars. Every race been killing their own. Whites have been killing their wives, So don’t act like OJ is the only one who did it. Lol maybe he didn’t do it. But IF HE DID, nobody gets away with anything. I don’t say that because of religion,  I say that because KARMA IS A BITCH. 

I’ve never gotten away with shit in my life. Nobody does. Stop picking on OJ. Leave his ass alone white people. There are plenty of Negroes that you can pick on.  Not me because well,  I’m not in the mood. And I’m a fucking lady. 

But there’s others available for your harassing pleasures. 

This thing causes so much tension and I’m not trying to lose my readers over some shit that happened 25 years ago. 

If you don’t like that he’s out, PRAY that he gets locked back up for stealing his property again. Lol Pray that he gets to spend another long stint in prison because while trying to recover HIS PERSONAL BELONGINGS an associate of his brought a gun to take back those items. OJ was NOT a convicted felon at the time this took place,  yet he served time because somebody else had a gun. Lol he legally could have been carrying all that time. 

Listen. WHITE PEOPLE PLEASE LET IT GO! !!! LOL Walk away.  Just breathe deep. Inhale, exhale. Dammit we let Trayvon Martin go, we all feel like George Zimmerman is a ruthless, violent, racist piece of shit. So yall can let This go. Deal?