Courtesy of NEWS 4 

An Edmond man is in jail, charged with raping and sexually abusing children in his care.

Edmond police say Russell Lewis Cline was first arrested for domestic abuse in August at the home where he was watching two children.

“(A woman) had come home – to where she lived with the suspect – from the store and (Cline) was intoxicated,” said Edmond Police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon. “And he told her, when she got to the house, to speak with her daughter about where he had touched her.”

Police records say the nine-year-old girl told her mother Cline “…had touched her…” genital area. That lead to a conversation with our victim and the parent,” Wagnon said. “When the parent confronted our suspect, he admitted to what the child was saying. There was an argument between those two adults in front of those two children in the home which led to our suspect punching the victim’s mother in the face.”

Cline, 30, was arrested by Edmond police on August 23 for the domestic assault. He bonded out several days later.

While Cline was in jail, investigators spoke with the nine-year-old and her five-year-old sister.

“During our forensic interview, information we weren’t expecting came out,” Wagnon said. “And so, just horrific crimes against the children.”

News 4 is withholding certain information about the case to not identify the domestic abuse and sexual assault victims. In this case, according to the victims, it’s been going on for a while,” Wagnon said.

Cline was arrested and charged Friday with one count of rape by instrumentation, seven counts of lewd acts with a child and two counts of forcible oral sodomy. He was also charged with one count of engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses in two or more counties.

According to police records, the children told investigators Cline said they “…were told not to tell anyone and that the incidents were a ‘secret.’”

Police say during the abuse investigation, Cline refused to cooperate. At one point, prior to his arrest, an affidavit says Cline hid in a barn and also failed to show up to work and drove to Tulsa.

He was arrested when he came back to town and is currently in the Oklahoma County Jail, being held on $300,000 bond.