Miami, FL – A North Miami man remains behind bars after police say he sexual assaulted a teenage girl – part of a series of molestation crimes with the victim dating back close to a decade.

Officers arrested 59-year-old Cesar Perez and charged him with seven counts of sexual battery on a minor. Perez is being held with no bond.

According to an arrest report, Perez began inappropriately touching the girl eight years ago and had sex with her three times over the last three years. The victim told police the last incident took place inside a motel on SW 8th Street this June, after which he forced her to take a Plan B morning after pill.

The other two sexual encounters took place inside the defendant’s home, according to the report.

Perez denied the allegations to police, saying he bought the pill for his “side piece” before changing his story to say he bought it for the victim because she was pregnant – saying he didn’t know who the father was.