WHAT’S IN THE WATER? My first three blog stories today are all centered around sex with students. Two females and this male. 
So she wanted or needed attention. And this is the way she got it. I understand that because there’s an adult present that automatically the responsibility for the decision making lies with them. But I just don’t understand how we think when it comes to sexuality. A fifteen year old can think for themselves and drive a vehicle after taking courses, they can hold down a job, babysit, be at home alone,  but they can’t think rationally when it comes to sex. I just don’t understand why she just sat there and allowed this to happen. 
Lake County, FL – A Lake County Schools teacher faces molestation charges after he was accused of having sexual relations with a 15-year-old student at Mount Dora High School, according to police.

The girl said Jason William Roberts, 40, performed sexual acts on two occasions between January and March.

She told deputies the incidents occurred in an empty classroom across the courtyard from the guidance building at Mount Dora High School between Jan. 16 and March 10.

“The victim stated in the moment she thought what Mr. Roberts was doing was ‘ok’ because she wanted attention and no one wanted to date her,” Mount Dora Police Det. Patricia Thomas wrote in a police report. “She felt the attention by Mr. Roberts filled a void.”