Hey there guys. Its me and I wanted to share something with you about what I’ve learned from all this storm, hurricane, and earthquake loss that I’ve been hearing and reading about in the news.

I’m completely shocked that Puerto Rico is without power and will be for months to come. 

I’m saddened that Mexico just experienced a deadly earthquake that killed over 200 people.

I’m floored with the fact that My home state of Florida took a huge hit from Irma Leaving The Florida Keys and other cities practically uninhabitable to the point where they’ve had to close off entry. Imagine being told, “YOU CAN’T GO HOME”. Hundreds of thousands without electricity and flooding. 

I’m still getting over parts of Texas And surrounding Louisiana who was overtaken by Harvey. And reading the countless stories of Texas survival and the Texas spirit if resilience. These are people in need. And no matter your political affiliation, that should have NOTHING to do at all when it comes to helping your neighbor. 

We have an obligation to HELP our neighbors. 

Now I was doing research yesterday and discovered some sites that were giving some information on HOW TO GIVE AND WHAT TO GIVE. 

 Basically they were stating that certain things that people are donating are not being distributed. Blankets, Toys and clothing tend to sit in large warehouses or storage facilities, but weren’t actually put to use. 

So that adorable quilt that your grandma made is timeless, but that it may just collect dust and not actually go to that loving family that you hoped for. 

So what they are asking is for money. I hate the sound of that too, but its really what’s needed. I don’t do charity blogs begging folks to give to a certain place because I dont know those people and folks are picky with organizations these days. But I’ll list where there’s positive feedback. If I’m wrong, you can always add to it and correct me. 

To help Mexico and Others

The Mexican Consulate in Miami said on its Facebook page that the best way to help earthquake victims is by donating online to the Mexican Red Cross.

The Red Cross also opened a “wish list” on Amazon.com.mx where donors can purchase emergency items for earthquake victims. A volunteer group called Brigada Topos is also accepting donations via PayPal using the email address donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org.

The Puerto Rican Leadership Council will be accepting donations of nonperishable food, diapers, bottled water and clothing starting on Friday at the following locations:

Isla Del Encanto restaurant at 12850 SW 120th Street, Miami, FL 33186 on Friday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Ana G. Méndez University at 15201 NW 79th Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33016 on Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Mana Wynwood warehouse at 225 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127 on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ay Bendito food truck at 9225 SW 137th Avenue Miami, FL 33196 on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

In Broward County at Casa Borinquen at 6519 Taft Street, Hollywood, FL 33024 on Saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information, contact Luis De Rosa at ldr@puertoricanchamber.com.

The Miami Foundation is accepting donations for Caribbean islands impacted by Maria and Irma, inlcuidng Antigua and Barbuda, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Donations can be made at http://miamifoundation.org/relief/

Beatriz Rosselló, the wife of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, has created an initiative to support hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. Donations can be made at http://unidosporpuertorico.com/en/


The Mexican Red Cross is accepting donations online at cruzrojadonaciones.org. Donors should write “Sismo 19/09/17” as the reason for the donation and select Mexican pesos as the mode of payment.

The Mexican Red Cross’ wish list on Amazon can be found at this link: http://amzn.to/2fAFN2h

Brigada Topos is accepting donations via PayPal using the email address donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org

The American Jewish World Service is accepting donations for earthquake victims at https://ajws.org/donate/mexico-earthquake-listings/


Donate to Operation Helping Hands, a partnership between United Way of Miami-Dade, the Miami Herald/el Nuevo HeraldUnivision 23 and JCS Switchboard. Visit https://unitedwaymiami.org/, call 1-800-226-3320 or send a check payable to Operation Helping Hands, c/o United Way of Miami-Dade, P.O. Box #459007, Miami, FL 33245-9007.

UNICEF is accepting donations for earthquake victims at www.unicefusa.org/mexico and for victims of hurricanes Irma and Maria at www.unicefusa.org/relief

This has been one crazy 30 days. Enduring and endless amount of suffering from day to day with no plan will be just miserable.

So above you can see places where to help. But I wanted to go further with my blog. I want you to EMPOWER yourself in the event that Nobody can get to you. 

Listen pay attention. 

We spend so much money on frivolous things that bring no return. We blow through our cash because we know there’s always more. We honestly don’t think about tomorrow. Many of us have a poor mans attitude and we need to stop. We need to grow up and start taking responsibility for ourselves.

This begins now.

The BUG OUT BAGS. These are the bags that everybody should have JUST IN CASE of emergency.

In these bags you should have batteries, AA, AAA, B, C, D,  battery operated radio, battery operated Everything. You should have candles, a lighter fluid filled wick, hand sanitizer, a roll of toilet paper, a wash cloth, a mini funnel.

You should have at least 2 sterner burners. They cost $1.00 each dollar trees. Get em. You need lighting. Make sure you have a few portable battery operated lights. They sell cute little lanterns that take 2 AAA batteries and will last for several nights. You can get them at dollar tree for ONE DOLLAR EACH and they work great! 

Guess what else you’re going to need? Think about the weather.

Hot = air,  Cold = Heat

That’s right dammit. You need to warm up or cool down. How you gonna do it? Well you can always go conventional in the winter time if you have GAS OR KEROSENE. They have heaters or stoves that work with these. There’s also the trusted Generator. Remember NEVER USE YOUR GENERATOR IN THE GARAGE. EVEN WITH THE DOOR OPEN. The Generator needs to be at least 10-15 feet away from any doors or windows. Yes the actual amount of space needed is 5 feet. But there’s no way I’m telling y’all that. 

A large family in Florida experienced a terrible loss of life when three + people, including children died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The generator was being used inside the garage. The gases seeped in and begin to poison the family. An alert was sent out to our cellphones warning us of the dangers of Improper use of Generators. READ THE DIRECTIONS PLEASE! Don’t kill your family because you THINK you know what you’re doing. 

As adults we are responsible for the safety of our children. 

Right? Right! 

Next!!!!!! 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👇

Keep cool if you live in warmer climates. You know what you need? No its not a church fan with the wooden handle. You Need a BATTERY OPERATED FAN DAMMIT! That’s right. My place got so hot after Irma hit and knocked out the power for MILES in my neighborhood. City after city was hot, nothing open, or if open it was packed to the max. It was terrible. There was NO ICE ANYWHERE!!!! NO ICE, Nothing cold. Hot and sweaty Florida. Humidity was just a drag. 

But we made it. But if I had thought ahead of time, I would have suffered less. Guess what I ordered? 3 battery operated or USB operated fans!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄I have AIR. AIR AIR AIR! THAT’S right. After the fact. After getting very sick, I’m asthmatic and getting bronchitis, which I still have BTW because it was so hot and my neighbor smokes, opening my door was devastating to my body. The air felt good, but I suffered. I’m on antibiotics for two weeks. Boo😠😠😠😡😡😡😢. I literally couldn’t breathe. Went to ER and got breathing treatments. 

Now that I’ve gotten my trusty fans, I’m not worried about being able to cool down after a storm on a humid night. How do you power this thing Ericka if you have no electricity?

Well, There’s what’s called a CAR BATTERY CHARGER. Go to AMAZON. COM. They come with USB, and jumper cables with other connectors too for power sourcing. You can jump your dead car battery and/or you can charge your phone, tablet or other USB devices. Remember those USB fans I purchased? Yep, they work wonders with my portable battery pack. Ahh!! That’s right. I’m taking control of my own destiny. I’ll never be hot and sweaty again!!! 😓 

 Are you getting this stuff? Imagine this. You’re not rich. IF YOU’RE like me, I’m poor. Look at me!! I’m poor.  I literally have no money other than the $27.00 I have left in my Pay pal account from your donations. Thank you BTW. 

But this is so important to me. Because I was so powerless and didn’t like that feeling, I decided to fix it. If I were rich, my generators would have came on. Or I would have gotten on a plane and went some place safe until the hurricane passed. But nope. I had to ride it out like the rest. We need to prepare.  We need to think differently. Think about your health. Think about your children. If you know you don’t tolerate heat well, consider purchasing an alternative source to cool you down. For several nights I couldn’t sleep because the heat was driving me crazy!!! 

Invest in SOLAR. Yep but I’m not talking about that expensive project, I’m talking about purchasing simple things like solar yard lights. Solar string lights that you charge by day in the yard and bring them in at night. Anything solar is a good investment. Especially in times of crisis. 

Think outside of the box. Technology has changed all around you. Look up alternative lighting, cooking, heating, cooling devices and get to shopping. 

Don’t depend solely on electricity. Remember your propane grill? Remember those wood chips? Remember that back yard picnic area? Well in times of crisis or just in times of a need to cut down that electric bill, go outside and cook. Think of how people lived before electricity and get there mentally. You can do it. 

Camp out more and get familiar with living off the grid. Just a little taste. 

Did I mention filters? Yes yes yes. Get your filters for your water. You’ll need them. Your clean water today may be contaminated tomorrow. Keep a filter pitcher always and keep them filters on hand. Trust me. 

And you might be thinking. If my fucking house is flooded Ericka, how will any of this come in handy? I don’t know. Don’t move into a flood zone. Lol check your shit before you buy that house. Or clean that fucker up. Dry it out and sell it to the next sucker, I mean homeowner. Duh! 

But even so, you can still have these items on hand. You never know where you’ll end up. Maybe you’ll hop in your car and drive off with two bags of supplies. That’s better than driving off with nothing. 


Waters are rising. Two kids? Grab your kids and grab your bags. Hop in the car and get out of there. Walk out of there with back packs on. Do what you have to do until you’re safe. This trouble won’t be forever. And maybe this isn’t the solution for a place like Puerto Rico. But on dry land this is great. Most of you will never be without electricity that long. So preparing for a week or two is good enough. 

This isn’t a good bug out bag for disasters, this is the bug out bag for hard times as well. No lights? Fuck that utility company. You’ll pay when you can. In the meantime you’ll have portable everything. There are places that even if you’re wealthy, your money is no good. They have been flooded out. You think the company will come out directly to you first? No! They will eventually get to you when they can. You will wait like everybody else. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a good utility company. 

Man this blog is Long as hell. Omg!!! I’m getting tired. 

Don’t forget CASH CASH CASH!! GET SOME CASH!! Many places won’t have the ability to use your debit card, so cash is king again. I discovered that while trying to get some things from Publix. They took credit cards and cash only. Some places only took cash. Annoying right? 

You got drugs? Keep your medications packed. I do. I literally have A BAG with all of my meds in it. Its grab and go. Try to get everything water proof. Don’t forget plastic zip lock bags. Don’t forget your lighter. You got photos? Pack em up now. Go on. Pack em. You could easily pull them out when you want to show off. It doesn’t matter if they are in your closet in an ER bag or sitting on the table collecting dust. If you like your things, protect them today and make it easier for yourself tomorrow. 

Think of this. You’ve got 6 minutes to get out of your house. WHAT ARE YOU GRABBING? You wanna be packing and frantically searching, or do you want to have 3-4 bags of supplies already on hand that you can just grab and go? THINK! 

I’m going to be making videos about this stuff and I’ll come back and update this blog post. I Care about my readers. All 7 of you. There’s so much more to say, but I just want to get your mind in the right place. Think about your aging relatives. Think about disabled family members. 

The most heart wrenching thing? Having no place to take your pets. 😢😢😢ugh!! No!!!! Nobody thinks about their babies. Your pets are your kids. I’m trying to end this blog. Lol 

 And to answer your question. Did My family donate? You damn Right we did.