Yeah that’s right. I’ve been out of the closet for a while now. No more closeted Atheism for me. 😊😊 Now listen I know and AM FULLY AWARE that there are MANY religious or spiritual people who visit my blogs. 

I respect EVERY ONE. And as a blogger not only do I share the news, I share my life too. 

This isn’t a badge or something to be proud of. Leaving religion has been one of the most difficult things. In a nutshell why I left?

It was never my decision to be a Christian. I was brought up that way but when I got older, it didn’t fit ME. It didn’t suit me. It strangled Me And everything I wanted in my life. Basically its all about ME. It was my life and I wanted to live it my way. What’s wrong with that? 

According to my lifestyle, some would say I might as well be religious. I’m a square. I don’t smoke, never done drugs, have one man, no partying, rarely ever drink. All I do is curse/ cuss and start shit. 

In the video posted I’m kinda sorta mocking Christianity. I know I know its wrong. But I’m speaking from common sense. 

Example? If God is in control then this storm came from him. 

People don’t like to hear that because ultimately its the truth. They’d rather I say, GOD BLESS you. BUT I can’t. Why? Because well, it feels like a slap in the face to request the very thing that caused the destruction, to be the thing that delivers you. I don’t see the storms as punishment. I dont see it as Jesus coming back for his people. I don’t see it as a sign of the times. I don’t see it as anything other than what it is. Its a storm that’s going to take the homes, lives and security of many. 
See, I’ve been homeless. Countless times. I came in the world with nobody wanting me. I lived in a foster home for years. So I’ve been from pillow to post all my life. My family and I live in a hotel right now and we have been for 4 years. We aren’t addicts, we aren’t alcoholics, we’re just homeless. And its not too shabby. Its the best our money can buy. My children are safe, they can walk outside with no fear. Every place that we could afford to rent are bad neighborhoods with terrible schools, so we stay in this place. If you’re going to be poor, do it with class. And dont be ashamed of where you are. 

 Homelessness is a state of mind and its also a curse. It runs in the family until someone breaks it. 

When I was a Christian I was such a believer. The most embarrassing thing I’d ever done is, this is so embarrassing. I marched around my house chanting bible scriptures because I just KNEW God would deliver me.  It worked for the people in the bible, why not me? We had to leave that house. That marching didn’t work. Lol I sure wanted it to. That 3 day letter came and well, we had to go. But my faith was so strong.  

But since reality set in, my reality that is, I’m prepared and have no hope in no one but myself. I’m all I got. I’m at a place where I feel that religion serves a great purpose at times. As long as its not radicalized. When people use religion to HELP AND ASSIST instead of judging and condemning, then we’ll have something. When religion is used as A TOOL to bring people together and make the community stronger, then it’ll be a force. But its so dirty. So filthy. And those who are in charge spend more time trying to recruit new members, they honestly don’t Care about their congregation. Their members are homeless and they could Care less. Why? They have a home. Rarely is there ever any help for the homeless. And in the video I’m frustrated about that. There should be regular offerings nationwide where money is requested to assist every one. But then we’ll have people start the judging. WHERE IS MY MONEY GOING?!?! My question. Did you ask your pastor that? He drives a Rolls Royce and has a private jet yet you allow that. But you have a problem with a single mom getting housing for her children. Basically you’ll support a grown ass man but you wont help a mother? Its easier to judge her than to donate? 

What I want? All of us to give without thinking of our personal feelings. But I also want you to, if you are religious to stop! STOP STOP STOP calling yourself gods child. STOP STOP STOP calling yourself highly favored. Stop thinking that because you’re Christian that somehow you’re better. You’re just another human being who lives in this world just like the rest of us. You’re going to die just like everybody else. You will suffer like me, you will lose loved ones just like me, you’ll bleed like me. You’ll cry, require sleep, and try to survive just like me. The only difference? You’ve decided that you need a God and I dont feel like I do. 

When you think you are special, you build a wall around yourself. 

My heart goes out to every person who lost during Harvey and being in Florida, Irma is heading our way. 

But don’t forget about those who aren’t affected by any storms other than the storms of life. They need help too. If you go to church, HELP THOSE in your congregation. Don’t just say, I’ll pray for you. HELP THEM. Help your family, help your friends. Actually DO SOMETHING other than just pray. Send a card, buy a flower, do something! 

And if you see a pastor who doesn’t genuinely help but you know he’s riding in style, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Your tithe money and offerings are to go to the people in the church. Not to his multi million dollar mansion.