Police in Racine County arrested Dale Deavers, 48, and Gail LaLonde, 47

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. — (WITI) — A man and woman from Wind Lake have been arrested and a 9-year-old girl is in protective custody after officials with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office say she was kept in a dog kennel at her home in the Town of Norway.

According to the RCSO, on Wednesday, September 6, around noon, authorities responded to an elementary school in Wind Lake for a child abuse investigation.

That investigation revealed the girl was being held in a dog kennel at night and occasionally throughout the day at her residence located in the Town of Norway. Additionally, it was learned that the dog kennel was padlocked to prevent the child from escaping.

Investigators responded to the home and located the dog kennel which measured 4 feet, 10 inches in height, 4 feet in length, and 8 feet in width.

The man and woman, ages 46 and 48, were arrested for causing mental harm to a child and several other felonies.

The 9-year-old and a sibling were removed from the home and placed in protective custody.

“I was sickened at what I witnessed last night. This by far, is one of the most disturbing and heart-wrenching cases of child abuse I’ve seen. It doesn’t get much worse than this,” Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said in a statement.

The investigation is ongoing.