Hurricane Irma is coming to Florida and I don’t want to see her fat ass. This Hurricane that’s in the Caribbeans right now as I’m writing this is possibly heading to my state, Florida!!! No no no no no no!!!! I’m not ready!!!!!! 

Guys I can’t take it. Yes I’m weird on the sense that I love crappy weather sometimes, but come on a CATEGORY 5?!?!? I’m not in to that. 

Our Governor Rick Scott who I absolutely loathe because he looks like an alien from Men in Black

 is actually doing a good job. At least with the storm. He’s already declared a state of emergency for my state and its not projected to hit us until next Tuesday. Lol people get upset because he’s PARANOID AS FUCK!! But in this case I’d rather him be, than too lax. But he does look like that alien though.

Remember Hurricane Katrina. They were warned but NOBODY was prepared. 

Everybody blamed Bush and FEMA. BUT after going back over the story I’m realizing that it wasn’t racism that caused the neglect, it was a lack of plans and preparation. 

Blacks got so upset because they felt like the government turned their backs on them. That wasn’t true. Their GOVERNOR is in charge of the evacuation process. He tells you when you should leave. Not The president. Have you noticed that Trump never declared a state of emergency for Texas? That’s not his job. They come to survey the damage to approve money that they know the cities impacted will be asking for. 

Watch this and believe it if you can.

FEMA had previously been criticized for its response to Hurricane Hugo, which hit South Carolina in September 1989, and many of the same issues that plagued the agency during Hurricane Andrew were also evident during the response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Additionally, upon incorporation into DHS, FEMA was legally dissolved and a new Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate was established in DHS to replace it. Following enactment of the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006FEMA was reestablished as an entity within DHS, on March 31, 2007.

FEMA didn’t show up for Katrina because they weren’t supposed to. Lol they had been downgraded and basically stripped of their powers. But we needed to blame somebody. FEMA had been changed from Emergency first responders to Homeland Security. Yep sure had. Nobody anticipated Katrina. So technically FEMAs Hands were tied. Also many semi trucks were turned away. These trucks had so many supplies to give to those in need but their help wasn’t wanted. 

Its being said Now that The response to Harvey Was perfect and well organized. Its black people approved. And you know how hard they are to please. Well its true. 😛 we can’t help it. We are still waiting on our 40 acres and a mule. 

I don’t even know the point of this blog. Like its 3:42 a.m. and I just ate a syrup sandwich on 12 grain bread. Ghetto? Yes. Delicious? Meh, I was hungry. Yes there’s other food. I’m lazy at times.

Anyway, Jose is another storm coming behind Irma. I’m sick of these stupid storms. People always go crazy. I went shopping the other day for supplies. I got 3 gallons of water, 5 cans of smoked Herring, a candle, two portable burner things, batteries, battery operated lights, a new can opener. But out of all that stuff that I got, I’m more excited  about my home defense stuff. I’ll probably never use it, but I feel safer with my gun… S. 😊 

 We chose to get something after as I stated in another blog that someone pulled a gun on my hubby on my birthday. I was so distraught. Just mortified. Shit I forgot about the shot gun. That’s 4. But in today’s world, people are getting bolder. And its not right that the criminals have guns but the upstanding citizens like my hubby and I dont. We have a right to bare/ bear arms and I’m doing it. Shit which one is it? I think its BEAR. YEAH its bear. 

I’m watching CHOPPED on the food network. I’m sleepy as hell but I’m afraid I’ll miss something. 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,…..1 😣😣😣😣😩😩😭😭😭😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

Yes I literally feel asleep and woke up and started again. Why? Nobody cares


OK I’m back. Good asteroid. I mean good Afghanis, I mean good afternoon. You Ever use SWIPE or Swype keyboard on your phone? I’m addicted to it but sometimes the words just don’t come out right. 

Ashtray I’m honey. Anyway I’m hungry. I’m cheating m chewing some juicy fruit him fun fun gum and urs delicious. Its delicious. 

Oo back to Irma, by the way this is the dumbest blog I’ve ever storm, written. I’m leaky literally just trying to blog and I’m leaving all the mistakes behind and going for the best. 

This alert weakens weakens weekend us is supposed to be awesome. I’m going to see IT!! LIKE YES!!!!!! I CAN’T DIE BEFORE WATCHING THAT LUCIE MOVIE! ITS ALL U FOR I GOT. No I’m not drink dumb drink drunk high or crazy. I’m just bored and I’ll look back oh this stupid ass blog post and say wtf was I thinking? 

The thing about bogging, blogging, nobody cares. Honestly nobody gives a shit what i write as long add I write. I can say, little boo peep lost her sheep and nobody well Care. I can say, fuck the police and nobody cars. I can say Smack that all on the floor smack that give me some more smack that till you get sore smack that ohhh ohh. Lol honestly nobody Cara cares. I can write this crap all day without a Care in the world. Why! NOBODY CARES!!! I can say, booty booty booty, I can say shit stains, I can say I was made for loving you baby you were made for loving me!!! 

Nobody’s ever gonna read this blog post!!!