Its not a bad booty to begin with. Lol This video came from Bradley Martyn. He’s a great fitness Guru. 

My booty is on YouTube and its huge. I didn’t know it was that big until my girls videotaped me walking. Omg its sad. 

Now I see what men are looking at. 😊 No more squats for me until this booty of mine deflates. 

And here’s my booty. I’m so embarrassed. This isn’t false modesty. I’m not fishing for compliments. I agree that my ass is becoming a problem. I ripped the seams in my undies last week. I’m on a diet yes!! But these things take time!!! Get off my back! 😤😢😑😅

Do NOT watch Any other videos of mine. Especially if you’re religious. Laugh at my fat ass and keep it moving. 😂