Updated again September 9, 2017

BAYTOWN, Texas – Human remains believed to be those of a Baytown realtor who has been missing for nearly two weeks have been found, according to Texas EquuSearch.

My goodness this is just terrible news. I was hoping it was a hoax. And I was right. He did it. Of course I didn’t want to accuse him but it all pointed to him. This is that time when everybody who accused him wishes they were wrong. These children lost their mother and father. 😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔this was such a selfish thing to do. He was completely controlled by his ego. When she made her final post on Facebook saying that she’s never been happier and that god is good, he knew then that he’d kill her. 

Updated again September 7, 2017


The link above was posted after the stories below. STILL MISSING, but a bit more informative. Just to keep you updated. My apologies if you knew this info already.

Updated, she’s STILL MISSING, But I wasn’t aware that Paul Hargrave told ABC news that she was fighting with her husband and that he suspects something terrible happened to her.

{Hargrave told ABC News that McDowell had been fighting with her former husband. “I think something’s horribly wrong,” he told the network.

Say what? Guys what is going on? Look at his eyes. You can tell that I’m up all times of night trying to find information. Omg this case is tough. 

Man I really want this to be a hoax. Have you guys found out anything that I’m missing? Ugh

Also guys look at this. Look at the distinct difference between this statement and one almost exactly like it.
{When he reached out to her ex-husband, Steven McDowell showed him a text message saying she had taken the two kids to Dallas. Walters told CBS News, “I have reservations about believing that she sent that message.”}

What is this? The father of the children showed the uncle a text message that Crystal had taken the kids to Dallas? Well wait. Then the kids would be missing too. Not just her. How is this possible unless its another misunderstanding. Well of course her uncle would have reservations that she sent that message especially if the children are accounted for. 

I touch on this at the bottom during my speculations, but I had no proof. The shoddy wording was pissing Me off because these people act like they can’t talk. 

How can a wife send you a message and tell you that she’s sending YOUR KIDS to Dallas and you not be alarmed? You two have these children together so wouldn’t you know if she’d actually taken them? Grrrrr!!! Why is he showing her uncle a message from her? Trying to give an alibi? Its time to bring the husband in for questioning. What the hell is really going on with this lady? 

The husband isn’t telling us whether the children were in his custody when he received that message. If that’s the case, he should have been immediately suspicious. Seeing those text messages should make all the difference in the world. 

Paul contacted the family because he was the first to discover her missing because she wasn’t replying to his texts. Her uncle reported her missing after that fact. He contacted the ex who said, she’s taking or taken the kids to Dallas per text message. You can’t tell me that this case isn’t getting on your nerves. 

OK look. She was reported missing 24 hours after her last response to anyone. If she didn’t pick up the kids the way the text message showed, Why wasn’t the ex freaking out? She texted Paul on Friday August 25 at 7:30-8:30 a.m. She wasn’t reported until the next day. That may be standard but are there messages from the ex frantically asking about her? Are there messages from Paul asking the family about her because she hadn’t replied back? Yes, for Paul, but for the husband, there’s been no mention of it. I don’t see that he’s putting forth much effort. I could be wrong though. 


I touch  on this at the bottom but I’m posting some updated stuff along with things you’ve probably already read.

Walters, who works with his niece at a real estate agency, first reported her missing on the Saturday after she was last seen. He told CBS News that Crystal’s ex-husband showed him a text message from Crystal in which she said she was taking their children to go to Dallas and ride out the storm.

“He showed me a message on his phone where she said she was going to get the kids and go to Dallas. I have reservations about believing that she sent that message,” Walters told CBS News, adding, “I have strong feelings about what’s happened but I’d rather not voice them right now.”

When asked to elaborate on that text message, Walters confirmed that he had seen the message himself but declined to say anything further.

“I’m letting the police handle it,” he said.

Crystal’s husband did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Hargrave told CrimeOnline that he has been in contact with Walters since Crystal disappeared, and that he tracked down her family and a work colleague when he became worried about her. Because they had not been together for long, Hargrave did not know any of Crystal’s family or friends very well, but said he figured they might know why she stopped responding to messages.

He also says that Crystal never mentioned to him the possibility of taking the children to Dallas, and that he can’t imagine why she would have taken off by herself without telling anyone.

“If she was going anywhere she would have told me,” he says.

“Things were going phenomenal with us, she loved her kids, she loved her job, she loved her family. … I can’t imagine why she would just leave.”

Both Walters and Hargrave say they believe Crystal was a victim of some kind of foul play.

“What we want is her home, but if not we want whoever did it to be punished,” Walters said, adding, “Someone knows where she is.”

Hargrave says he is trying to remain hopeful, but has doubts about a happy ending.

“Someone did something to her,” he said.

This case is strange for one reason ONLY. On her husband’s page, it says that they are STILL MARRIED, but Crystal is said to be in a relationship with a Jeweler named Paul Hargrave. 

Alright back story.

The day before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas, realtor and mother of two Crystal McDowell told her followers on Facebook to “stay safe out there!” Hours later, she would go missing herself — in a mysterious disappearance that still has Bayton police searching.

Crystal was scheduled to pick up her two children, 5 and 8, from her home with ex-husband Steven McDowell on Aug. 25, CBS News reported. Relatives told the outlet Steven said she was going to drive the kids to Dallas to ride out the storm.

But Crystal never showed. And according to her uncle and coworker Jeff Walters, she also missed a meeting with a client earlier that afternoon, CBS News reported.

By Aug. 26, Crystal was reported as a missing person. Seven days later, the search for her continues — with police recently finding her 2013 black Mercedes Benz submerged in a Motel 6 parking lot roughly 13 miles from her home, CBS News reported.

She is not a victim of this storm,” Brian Hawthorne of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office told CBS This Morning, adding that the investigation into Crystal’s disappearance happened before Harvey’s destruction.

Law enforcement have been busy desperately to keep people out of harm’s way of Harvey’s dangerous and deadly flood waters though— making the search for Crystal that much more difficult.

Nevertheless, they’re pursuing. “We are hampered by some of the flood issues, but we are as aggressive as ever trying to locate and find Crystal McDowell,” Hawthorne said.

Crystal is described by police as 5-ft. 4-in. and weighing approximately 110 pounds with blonde hair and green eyes. She was last seen wearing a black dress.

Steven and Crystal divorced in June. Though they still share a home, she’s been staying less than 18 miles away, with boyfriend Paul Hargrave. He told CBS News he last heard from Crystal on the morning of Aug. 25. “She texted me to say road conditions were good around 8:30 a.m.,” he said.

Walters is hopeful Crystal will be found soon. “Our main objective is just to get Crystal back home,” he told CBS This Morning, through tears. “I don’t know but she’s not one to leave. And she would always be in contact with her and her children.”

CBS News reports that McDowell is in a relationship with jeweler Paul Hargrave. He told the network that on August 25, McDowell texted him about road conditions in lieu of the hurricane.

According to his LinkedIn page, Hargrave is a gemologist at Robson Diamond Jewelers in Baytown, Texas. On his Facebook page, Hargrave says he is a fourth generation gemologist. He writes, “I love what I do and look forward to each day.”

Is this a case where someone wasn’t ready to move on? Is her EX refusing to accept the breakup? Maybe HE, is still in love, but she’s got a new man. Also, the fact that the couple have two children together, he’s not going to be interested in having to compete with another man for affection from HIS children. After visiting the page of Paul Hargrave, there isn’t any actual history of him being with Crystal. No photos. Just several posts on her missing status and him thanking the community for looking out for her and searching.

However from looking at Steven page, he’s a married man. Also on Crystals page there is no sign of Paul. ACTUALLY there’s no sign of anything, unless she has another page. Apparently, and it’s Common sense, she and Paul were together BEFORE the Divorce. Paul has pictures of himself and an adorable little girl on his page, but it’s not Crystals daughter.

First thoughts?

Since the husband hadn’t moved on yet, he’s still emotionally invested in her. She was bouncing back and forth between two men. Leaving the Children with their father, and having a romantic relationship with Paul. That’s obvious. She decided that it was best that the children stay with their father because he would be considered more stable and the children grew up with their father. Also once again it’s a great possibility that her ex-husband did not want his children around Paul.

The emotional investment could be Control related, or he just loves his wife. It’s clear that he possibly didn’t want the Divorce.

Another thing to ponder, whoever took her car to the Motel 6 where it was found was trying to taint her image. They wanted her to be seen as a whore. Possibly the way they saw her. I’m certain that Paul was jealous of Stephen. Why? He’s trying to get what Stephen has already had.

This is a bit of a love triangle. I’m not accusing either man. But…

Look at the convenience of the situation. It’s perfect timing. The car being flooded when they located it. The city in a panic. The weather is terrible.

Her Uncle being very insistent that the news say that it was BEFORE the storm, helps her case. That makes us realize that it’s NOT storm related and we’ll be more inclined to take interest.

I believe this is a video of her daughter singing.


A post made April 1 on Facebook

You see what Steve says? Yeah, he hadn’t moved on. Was she with Paul Hargrave here? This picture was taken for Crystals benefit. 

This post below shows that less than a year ago, they were happily married. At least in Steve’s eyes.

Mr Walters told CBS News that he had contacted his niece’s ex-husband, Steve McDowell, who showed him a message Crystal had texted him saying she was taking the children to Dallas.

He told CBS that he had “reservations about believing that she sent that message” as he too was heading to Dallas and said she would have mentioned if she was also planning to go.

The last person to contact Ms McDowell was her boyfriend, Paul Hargrave, who told police they exchanged text messages at 8.30am on Friday – shortly before Hurricane Harvey hit later that night.

CCTV shows the missing woman leaving Mr Hargrave’s home carrying two black bags.

Police confirmed that a black briefcase containing real estate documents had been found next to a computer at ex-husband Mr McDowell’s home.

Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told reporters: “I think that there was probably some animosity between boyfriend and the husband.

“The husband might think that the boyfriend had something to do with it. The boyfriend might think that husband has something to do with it. Which is exactly what we are faced with right now.”

He added: “There was a black bag found next to the computer at her ex-husband’s house. That is correct. It had real estate documents and items, it was a black briefcase, it was not like a coach clothing bag. It was not something a woman would use as an overnight bag.

“As the Sheriff I will tell you personally think there is some wrong doing in this. I think there is a suspicious nature. I don’t think she has left on her own. I think there has been foul play at this point.”

Was she seeing someone else other than these two men? There’s a possibility that Crystal was seeing other men.

We know that she left the boyfriends house. But what’s puzzling now, the ex husband claims that HE was also going to Dallas. So wait. They were both allegedly heading to Dallas to wait out the storm. Hmmm. Why wouldn’t she wait with  her boyfriend Paul during the storm? What if there’s another man?

(Clarification) Her Uncle was heading to Dallas, NOT the ex husband.

9/1/17 – Evening: Jeff has posted:  “Crystal McDowell’s phone pinging 1210 Park St. Baytown Texas we need people to help search.”  At that location is Baytown Park Service Center.
Have you considered that because I sure didn’t want to think that way.

Another thing I wanted to point out.

This sentence

Walters told CBS, “[Steve McDowell] showed me a message on his phone where she said she was going to get the kids and go to Dallas. I have reservations about believing that she sent that message… I have strong feelings about what’s happened but I’d rather not voice them right now.”

Stories like this can become so complicated because of wording. They make all the difference. 

She was going to pick up the kids means she was going somewhere else and that they weren’t with their dad.

She was coming to pick up the kids meaning she’s on the way to the ex Hubby’s house. 

She was taking the kids to Dallas implies that she already had the kids with her. 

KSWO reported on the night of August 29 that McDowell’s car had been found. The station added that two people were being questioned by the FBI as a result of the find. Those people are not thought to have any connection to the disappearance.

The KSWO report also said that McDowell may have been seen on August 25 “near Baytown or Mount Belvieu.”

So basically they have nothing and that’s why the search was called off. They’ve hit a dead end. There’s a $10,000 reward for her, but LE doesn’t want to use their resources for this story because they have more pressing matters. This could be either good or bad depending on how you look at it. If she really is MISSING this sucks.

I’ve read that she made a Facebook made a comment a day or so before she was reported missing that she was very Happy and that God was good and that details would come soon. Hmm and yes of course her page was scrubbed. There’s nothing there. Why? I’ve also read that she was extremely private and wanted to keep her relationship with Paul a secret, hence the reason there’s no photos of he and her together on his page.

Strange yes! Why? Well these are the stunts that men pull when they are leading double lives. They don’t want their other partners to see them in a relationship. I was watching a show last night about women who were duped into marriage. The signs? This guy didn’t invite his family or friends to the wedding because THEY ALL KNEW about his wife. He was a bigamist.

Another man refused to take ANY photos with his bride on their wedding day. Why? He knew that there was another woman out there who he was in a relationship with. These guys were using these women. This guy didn’t marry her in the states because he couldn’t. So hr planned the wedding in his country on his terms. Her family insisted on another wedding So they could watch their loved one tie the knot but he agreed to the renewal of vows, but refused Any photo sessions. He was just using her to get legal in the states.

I  don’t know what kind of person Crystal is. You can’t judge a person by the appearance. She LOOKS kind, but so do many others. What if she’s a narcissistic little troll? What if she’s a user? What if she gets her kicks out of using folks?

What if this is a hoax? Where is her wallet, purse? I haven’t seen where they’ve been found. Were the keys in the car when it was found? Had her debit card been used? What’s going on?

There was an initial report of people calling saying that she was kidnapped and that they were holding her for ransom. I guess that was all prank. Nothing ever came of it.

You know what I think law enforcement should do? NOTHING AT ALL.

I’ve read that the husband recently changed all his photos to show him and Crystal and their family during happier times. If this is true, why would he do this? To take the focus off of himself? Y’all I’m afraid that after the BS with Sherri Papini, I honestly don’t know what to think anymore. I swear that story was a sham.

When there’s nothing to go on you’ve got nothing but speculation. Maybe they know something we don’t. Who reported her missing? Her uncle/Father Figure? He seems to be handling this case.

Why is the Ex husband not talking much? I suppose that no matter what he does it won’t be good enough or he’ll still face scrutiny. We said the same thing about Keith Papini. But that guy was literally SELLING HIS STORY. What are we missing?

Who? Crystal McDowell

What? Missing?

Why? No idea

When? August 25

How? No idea

Women need to learn to stop spreading themselves so thin. Get with one man and stick with it. Bouncing back and forth ain’t cool. Even if you say that you’re not sleeping with the other, its still messy.

I’ll give this case 30 days to be resolved. Maybe sooner.