Are you going to see it? Because I sure as hell am. I’m a Stephen King fan and although reading his books take 20 years because he writes 60,000 page novels, he’s a great writer. 

Will I compare it to the original? Yep. Can’t help it. But I can already tell that This version has something the other one didn’t. The black kid. Lol where the fuck is the black kid? 

OK I’m just joking. He’s there. 😂you gotta make sure he’s there dammit.

IT was so different. And I can’t call it corny, because strangely enough, it all made sense. How? I have no idea, but the plot comes together easily.

OK so for the actor playing Penny wise?

Bill Skaarsgard. 

I’m fucking terrified!!!! Like really scared. 

I’m not going to talk much about the movie because folks haven’t seen the original. But its a real treat. 

Why was Bill chosen for this role? 

Look at em. He fits. He looks innocent yet cunning. That’s awesome! That’s what the director states. 

I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m a horror addict so this will definitely satisfy my palette. After the movie I’ll be terrified for a year. 😦😦