Online records show Lamar police chief Jason Chaney has been arrested by SC Law Enforcement Division for stealing pills from an evidence locker and a video where he posed as a subject confessing to a murder.

Booking records from the Darlington County Detention Center confirm Chaney was admitted Wednesday at 11:33 a.m. on charges including filing false police report of a felony, two counts of misconduct in office and two counts of theft of a controlled substance. The online records also note that the offenses occurred on June 5, 2017.

A SLED affidavit says Chaney took two bottles of controlled substances from the police department and altered the police report to hide the theft.

Documents confirm Chaney took one bottle that contained 15 pills of hydrocodone from an evidence locker and another bottle that contained 16 codeine pills. Another affidavit from SLED explains he added two sentences to the police report, making it appear as if the original reporting officer had done so, and also deleted the list of medications in the the original report.

The second misconduct in office charge stems from a video where the former chief was recorded handcuffed in an interview room “posing as a subject confessing to the murder of a 90-year-old man,” according to documents.

The affidavit says he was recorded on video in the publicly owned building “violating the trust of the public in which he was sworn to serve.” The claims about the video were corroborated by a video provided to SLED agents, the document states.

Earlier this month, the Lamar Police Department was under investigation by SLED. Lamar Mayor William Reynolds told News13 he requested the investigation after some discrepancies with evidence were noticed.

Jason Chaney’s attorney, Rose Mary Parham of the Parham Law Firm, issued the following statement: 

Jason is innocent of the charges and looks forward to his day in court. It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a law enforcement officer in this state. 


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