He’s a married man. He has Children. He’s very active in the community. He plays many roles. Yeah that’s typical of child predators. He’s trusted amongst many and that’s how he was able to hurt his victims. People trust pastors. 

I’m not sure if his wife left him or not because she doesn’t list him as her husband. Although, you can go find him deeper into her page.


IMAGINE being the wife of this guy. He’s accused and all of a sudden, your life changes. In his photos, he’s surrounded by girls. He loves Children.

Body language is everything. 

His daughter says that he’s a great person. I wonder if she feels like this despite the sex charges.

Well according to his daughter Jessica, her Sinister Minister dad is innocent. She states that she’ll defend him until her death. Spoken like a true Manson follower. Remember the Manson girls?

POOR delusional girl.  

The sad thing about this, you can never tell if he’s molested his children. Kids are so naive when it comes to their parents. Especially girls with their dads. So honestly I didn’t expect her to admit it. 

Also. How can you say without a shadow of doubt that he didn’t do it? Were you with him every second? Was he at church late? Did he ever have unexplained absences? I guarantee his wife knows. 

There’s an example. Men can cheat right under their girlfriends nose.

A friend of mine works at this company. His coworker is sleeping with several women on the job in different departments. They DON’T know about each other. He literally gets away with it and they all think they are his only ONE. 

I took the liberty of sending him a message today. That’s probably him calling Me Nigger or possibly one of his robots. This shows you the kind of circle this guy is in. They look like the perfect family, but what’s really going on with them? Another Duggar family where everybody sleeps with everybody. 
The story is below

Phillipsburg, KS – A former Phillipsburg pastor is charged with child sex crimes.

Pastor David Pugh resigned from Phillipsburg’s First Assembly of God Church in May.

Prosecutors say the crimes for which he’s accused happened between November 2016 and March 2017. These charges range from indecent liberties with a child to sexual exploitation of a child.

We do not know if Pugh’s position as pastor had anything to do with what prosecutors say happened. Police arrested Pugh earlier this month. He has since bonded out of jail.

On Wednesday, Eyewitness News did get a hold of Pugh briefly over the phone. Pugh said he did not want to comment at this time.

Eyewitness News looked into Pugh’s background and found he had also served as a pastor in Iowa before moving to Kansas