And if you needed a reason to quit, this might be it. 

My thoughts, I like cigarette smoke. That’s right, it smells good to me just like tobacco in cigars. So sweet. However, I’m asthmatic so I can’t be smelling and inhaling this stuff.

I remember cigarettes caused a major riff between my mom and I. Yes there’s other things, but this really kept us from getting close. She just didn’t Care about anybody when it came to her cigarettes. Her entire house smelled like cigarettes and after I’d visit, I’d smell like her house. Omg I hated that!!!! 

Smoking is such a personal habit. But its also a nasty habit. And its extremely selfish. But I get it. Smokers can’t help it. They NEED to smoke. They are addicted. So technically its not their fault. 

Most people start smoking as teens so they aren’t aware of the consequences and think they are invincible. 

But this thing was terrible between my mom and I. I wanted her to see her grandkids, but I needed her to put that cigarette AWAY. She was like, NOPE! 

I didn’t smoke and if I had it would never have been around my kids. Cigarette smoking is personal and it should only affect the smoker, not the bystanders. Needless to say, a year after stopping by her place. I was diagnosed with allergies then asthma. I’d never had it before then. 

I grew up in a smoke free home, even though my step dad smoked, he always did it outside. I think that’s the least you can do to protect your family. But that’s not the way it is. Adults can be extremely selfish. They smoke in front of buildings, at mall entryways, entryways at restaurants. Its annoying. I hate walking into a cloud of smoke. 

Let’s go further. I can’t enjoy a barbecue either. Why? Its smoke. And its all dangerous and its all carcinogenic. Nobody is safe. Smog, pollution, black soot coming from diesel engines while you’re cruising around town with your windows down, its all bad. And there’s little we can do about it. So what we can control, we control. And we make an example out of those who insist of being adults and exercising their rights to smoke.

Yes I hate cigarettes. I have asthma now thanks to that, and its genetics. So I probably would have gotten it anyway, but going without asthma until 30 SUCKS! I understand what they are trying to do because there’s much criticism from it causing cancer and people are staggeringly being diagnosed with some form of cancer everyday, but is this too extreme? 

And why are smokers angry? You breathe deep and exhale all day. You shouldn’t be tense at all! 

Perhaps its the idea that smoking causes more damage to others as well and can be more dangerous as second hand smoke that lead to this markup in price. Either way, its cheaper to quit. 

I could do so much with $13.00

Dollar Tree, tons of cosmetics

Ale House, huge bacon avocado burger with fries

Gigantic salad from a salad bar from heaven

All you can eat buffet for $7.99

13 packs of gas chews from Walmart at .88 cents a pack

Three jars of frozen Talenti mango

1 case of Angry ORCHARD hard cider and 2 bags of chips to munch on

Two plates of Chinese food, lunch special

10 packs of oatmeal cookies

13 Ice cream cones

6 packs of tater tots from Aldi

3 pints of So delicious strawberry nice cream

Two Italian Publix sub’s

13 packs of Juicy fruit gum

Two large pizzas from Little Cesar’s 

6 tank tops from Walmart

Two pair flip flops

12 pair flip flops from Walmart

A blow job from a hooker on crack, actually 3 blowjobs

A pack of 10 inch Yaki weave from the beauty supply store

2 heads of lettuce, pack of onions, bunch of bananas, 2 avocados, pack of carrots, 2 cucumbers, pack of garlic, 2 tomatoes ( Aldi) lol

13 bags frozen mixed veggies

6 boxes of cereal 

13 boxes of hot tamales

I’m getting tired. 

A months worth of working out at Planet fitness

11 cans of sardines

12 cans fruit

14 cans of pork n beans lol
Anyway, you get the point. 

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed legislation raising the minimum price for a pack of cigarettes to $13 in New York City.

Health Department officials say the hike from $10.50 will make the city the most expensive place to buy cigarettes in the country. The $13-a-pack cost includes taxes.

The law goes into effect on June 1.

The price increase is part of a package of anti-smoking bills signed Monday.

Another bill gradually reduces by half the number of licenses issued to retailers to sell tobacco products. Philadelphia and San Francisco have similar licensing restrictions.

An estimated 900,000 of New York City’s 8.5 million residents currently smoke.

Opponents of the price increase say it has pushed many smokers into buying untaxed, unregulated cigarettes on the black market.