I’ve been doing this for a while and the beauty is, saying whatever you feel. Why? They are going to hate you no matter what. Those that like you will not stop liking you and supporting you, and those who hate you will never be satisfied. 

You can’t please them. 

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, I decided to start creating videos challenging religious views and why we believe what we believe. 

Watch the video if you’d like. The video title speaks for itself and it could save lives if common sense is used. 

As an atheist, its frustrating to see people sitting back waiting on God to help them, but they were warned to GET OUT, and they didn’t listen. Now its everyone’s fault that you’re screwed. 

Listen, I’m not talking about children, the elderly, handicapped and pets. 

But everybody else was warned. 

Staying inside a home because all your STUFF is there is dumb. Staying inside the house because GOD TOLD YOU SO isn’t smart either. 

You’re actually able to travel state to state. You’re not stuck on an island with no escape. So how are you stranded? 

Use common sense.