I remember going to Massage Envy a few years ago for a much needed massage. I was tense, single, and needed a professional touch. Yeah, all that. The guy was very professional. I felt no violations whatsoever. I felt robbed with the price!, but other than that, it was cool. 

A woman in Lake County Florida states that her experience was different.

According to her, the masseuse made a out of the way comment PRIOR to harassing her. “I could massage you for 6 hours”. OK, hmm, so he said this before the massage and you still let him touch you? Uh no. That’s not the move. We don’t do that. 

That was a warning or invitation. Your choice. I’m certain there was inflection in his tone that sounded flirtatious, so if you’re not interested in this, avoid the physical contact and report and request another therapist. 

Remember Sex In The City where Samantha had been told about a particular therapist who did EXTRA on the table? Well Samantha, who is always horny sought out this guy and became his client. During the session, Samantha waited and waited for the “Move”, but it didn’t come. So finally out of frustration, she puts his hand where she wants it and he freaks out. He reports her and SHE gets banned. 😂😂😁😁 I’m dying. The owner treated Samantha like she was a pedophile, WE DON’T WANT YOUR KIND AROUND HERE! 😂

Sam left pissed and sexually frustrated. I’m EASILY aroused, so I don’t do massages often. I just can’t and if I do, its gotta be with a burly, ugly chick. But aren’t most people aroused easily? Especially if the setting is right. 

Dimly lit rooms and soft music. Hell yeah. Who wouldn’t be? Unless you’re frigid. 

But the professionalism lies with the professional. I’m thinking that even if I get too comfortable, you’d guide me back to reality. 

But what about Tips? Because that’s the issue here. These folks have found a way to earn a little extra on the side. Many people aren’t used to attention of this magnitude, so feelings get twisted and emotions run amuck. We have a choice as to who will massage us. Male or female. I usually choose male because I have self control and I’m scared of getting a good feeling with a girl. I just don’t want to be a lesbian right now. 

But it shouldn’t matter. I expect the same attitude and work ethic from both. 

So the story goes, after he made the comment, she got undressed. He was massaging her and grabbed her breast. She was very shocked and paralyzed by his actions and got up, dressed and left immediately. 

She states that he acted as if nothing had happened. 

He was terminated. And although the manager at this location says that in six years at this spot she’s never had a problem, she fired the therapist. 

Which naturally was the right thing to do. When you have a woman jumping up, getting dressed and sobbing hysterically in her car, you kinda have to do something. 

A criminal case is being considered. 
I want to ask something though. 

How can we be so quick to strip down nude in front of strangers, yet be so sensitive about our bodies? 

Is it too much to ask for a massage that’s not simulating? 

I can’t separate the two at times. Depends on my mood. If I’m feeling frisky, ain’t no way I’m letting a stranger touch me. 

Massages are erotic in certain settings. That’s not the same as Physical Therapy. Rubbing my back after I’ve had severe pain after a terrible crash isn’t sexy. That’s medicinal.  I understand that a massage is supposed to be as well, but dim lights, and nudity could create a ton of problems. 

Perhaps we need to change how the massage is given. Lights on, nudity isn’t an option EVER. 

I CAN’T blame anyone right now because I’m certain clients have gotten aroused sexually unbeknownst to the therapist but they remained in tact. 

During my massage I was trying NOT to fart. He was massaging my tail bone and lower back. That was strange having someone I’m not sleeping with touch me that way. I liked it, but never went back. And he was great. 

Hands can make all sorts of mistakes under the sheets. And maybe the tech gets lost or misjudges where your body parts are. I think that’s rational. A lot of them use a feel method, versus a visual method. But the fact that she states that he was overly excited to see her could mean that he likes her… Just as a client because she tips well. 

I’m not saying that he didn’t grab her boobies, I’m saying, that it could have been an accident. And maybe he acted as if nothing happened because in reality it didn’t and it had no effect on him whatsoever.