I can’t say that I blame the guy. They took his life away and it all came down to he was innocent. 

How can you repay for a life of stolen dreams? 100 million isn’t enough, but its a good start. 

You know, I always thought what a reasonable amount would be to pay someone for locking them up. And I’m thinking that a close look at a persons life BEFORE the arrest would give a great indication of what’s fair. 

Example? OK let’s take hmm, me for instance. Let’s say that my potential income would have been $35,000 annually. Well if you locked me up unjustly, you gotta pay me for each year that I was behind bars. 

That’s fair right? Now let’s say, you guys. Let’s say, y’all were on crack and selling ass when you were falsely accused. Well after your 25 Years, upon your release, we throw you a massive crack party. Or, give you housing and line you up with work, pay for your education. That’s fair right? That’ll give you the chance at a fresh start. 

OK for the story

Detroit man who served 25 years in prison for murder based on sham evidence has filed a lawsuit seeking more than $100 million.

Desmond Ricks was released in May after making the extraordinary claim that Detroit police framed him for a fatal shooting outside a restaurant in 1992. An analysis of two bullets shows they didn’t match a gun that was presented as the murder weapon.

Attorney Wolfgang Mueller says Ricks was a victim of “horrific” misconduct. He filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday on behalf of Ricks and two daughters. A message seeking comment was left with the Detroit law department Thursday.

At trial, prosecutors said a gun belonging to Ricks’ mother was used in the slaying. But tests on bullets still in police storage eliminated any connection.