Apparently so. But honestly, why? 

Its a little strange to think that they would ban something so trivial. But obviously they don’t understand African American hair. 

Dreadlocks is a staple for us. We NEED IT! The same way whites need a tan, we need our natural hairstyles. I’m not saying y’all need a tan, but its clear that some are pretty obsessive with it, and so are we with our cornrows and braids and plaits. Its crucial for us. 

The question. Why can’t you just straighten your hair? 

My answer is HOW? WITH WHAT? 

WE can’t just straighten our hair out of thin air. We need either chemicals or extreme heat. And if we don’t have access to that, at least we can stretch our hair by keeping it in twists or braids. But when you take those options away, you destroy the beauty of our locks. Most of us don’t have Fine hair. 

The picture above, This is my head and the actual texture of my hair. Straighten this how? 

My options are a chemical perm, a hot comb or other heated device. And all three of those have the potential to damage my natural hair. 

I shouldn’t feel compelled to change a natural process. The hair grows out of my scalp that way. And if it is to be modified, it should be a personal choice. I shouldn’t feel forced to perm my hair in order to fit in with your rules. 

In the workplace, black women are challenged with their hair everyday. People don’t understand it. We are constantly stared at because our hair is supposedly “distracting”. Are there styles that women in general wear that are not professional? Of course. But just being told that your hair is an issue because its different isn’t fair at all. 

I’m glad that the US military finally lifted this ban on dreadlocks. 

There are these societal pressures to blend in. But ummm how about accepting folks for who they are and not what you wish them to be? 

We’ve had to shout, I’M BLACK AND I’M PROUD long enough. Now its time for people to realize that we are no different. And its just hair. It really is just hair. And our hair is just as gorgeous as anyone else’s. All ethnicities have their own kind of beauty. 

As a black woman, I’ve never mentioned to my white friends that they should alter their hair because its not socially acceptable, So why is this being required of us? This should be a non issue. Our hair can be unruly and unkempt. And so can others with fine hair. Its all the same. We just have to use different methods to tame our hair. Typically we can’t just take a shower and slap our hair into a ponytail afterwards. I know my hair has to be detangled. It has to be deep conditioned. It has to be put into twists while wet or its gonna be a long battle from there on. 

The military stated that matted hair wasn’t allowed, yet they banned dreadlocks and twists? Well that’s exactly what you’ll get if you don’t allow us to style our hair our way. After my shower, my hair is dried. If I simply dry it and leave it, it will be a horrible looking birds nest in the morning. And that will take two hours to detangle. 

We need companies to understand the effort that goes into the upkeep of kinky hair. To be given an ultimatum to either cut our hair or lose our jobs is uncalled for. You would never tell a white, Latino, or Asian person to cut their hair unless it was a food safety regulation. And even at that,  they could wear hair nets and beard nets. 

Its prejudice, racism, and discrimination to insist that black people change their identity to look more European. We aren’t deliberately growing our hair out kinky and coily to spite you, that’s just the way it is. 😊

And in a culture where its CUSTOMARY for Africans to wear their hair in these styles, why is it more acceptable in the workplace if a white guy dreads his hair than a black guy? What is going on with that? 

Its OUR CULTURE and yes you may enjoy it, but to Try and snatch it away is just dumb.