THIS woman just can’t stay away from the lime light. First she’s stumbling upon Aleah Beckerles body and she becomes the Evansville hero, next she’s using Meth, as always, now she’s stealing cars. What won’t this girl do for money? 

Yeah that’s her latest charge. Being in a stolen car and giving false information.

Can someone please tell her that METH isn’t good for her. 

Is this a witch hunt? Lol yes it is. Why? Because they know what happened to Aleah Beckerle. Anytime they suffer and it makes the news, I’ll be rejoicing. I don’t think that Terrence Roach did this alone, IF he did it at all. So I’m not sold on the, WE GOT OUR GUY, mindset. 

I didn’t believe her story that she accidentally discovered the body of Aleah and I never will.