This is so discouraging. As a blogger who used to be heavily into Racial equality blogs and had a CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG approach, I’m so annoyed with this. I can’t be the only one. 

And as I was watching a video of this mess, I see a black woman and other blacks in the crowd and I’m thinking, “What the fuck are you doing there?”, Go home! Like I just don’t understand why a black person would be a counter protestor at a KKK rally. Don’t you realize that they hate you? And seeing your face isn’t going to change their mind. Matter of fact it’ll add fuel to the fire. 

I’m not participating in any marches and public demonstrations. I don’t Care what the cause is. You can’t change another persons heart or mind. And I don’t believe a God could either. 

This public display of anger and rage upon each other isn’t new. Doesn’t make it right, but its not new. 

After watching the address given by Trump, he basically said its not his fault or Obamas fault that this is happening. He’s calling for peace and love from all sides. 

Lol but I know he pissed off a lot of people yesterday. David Duke, the ex leader of the KKK group stated blatantly on the news. I’m paraphrasing. ” Trump, we are the reason you’re in the white house and you would not be there if we didn’t put you there, so make good on your promise to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”… 

You know what he’s asking for. 

Trump probably should have chosen a better slogan or had a better message with his campaign. Because when you have NEO NAZI groups asking you to stand by your words at their hate filled divisive rallies, you gotta know that you did something wrong there. 

And the other folks who are upset with Trump are angry that he refused to call them what they are. Terrorist and Christian extremists. Which is exactly what they are.