So I wrote a blog the other day about someone pulling a gun on my hubby at a traffic light because he felt that my hubby had cut him off. 

My hubby felt powerless. Absolutely powerless. He didn’t like that feeling nor the scenario. And although the man stayed behind our vehicle, he was still brandishing his weapon in public in a state that doesn’t have open carry. Yes it was a black man, trying to intimidate another black man. He got out of his truck weapon in hand and proceeded to curse my husband out. My husband did the right thing by ignoring him. He didn’t feed into the bullshit.

So we’ve been taking steps to gun ownership. That’s our right and we as law abiding citizens have the 2 amendment to the US Constitution to thank for that. 

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

As a potential owner of a CWP, CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT, I’ve been scouring the web trying to find as much information as possible. And I came across this gem on YouTube. The video is amazing and its for EVERY ONE. Not only if you carry a weapon, but also if you don’t. The video is done by An experienced criminal attorney and a weapons instructor, who may have tons of other accolades under his belt. 

One of the biggest discoveries for me was that if your state gives you freedom to Conceal, that you CAN take it into a bar as long as their aren’t signs posted prohibiting it. BUT YOU CANNOT DRINK. Not even one sip of alcohol is to be consumed if you’re carrying a weapon. 

Wow!! Now to you, you may be saying, “DUH ERICKA, of course you can’t drink.”  But I had also read that you can carry it into a bar, but you mustn’t sit AT the bar. That you should make an effort to sit as far away from the bar as possible. Well that seemed sufficient enough to me. But it goes a step further. No drinking! 

So basically if you’re stopped after leaving a bar and the officer asks whether you’ve been drinking and you gleefully state, ” Yes”! Because you’re tipsy and in chill mode. You have broken the law. And the officer will be aware of this. Your ignorance of the law won’t be an excuse, nor will it be a proper defense. So it is crucial to know about the gun laws in your state. You cannot drink alcohol or do drugs and carry. Its that simple. 

I’ve written about gun laws before after Phillando Castille was killed by an officer. I’m not one to just jump on the wagon with everybody else and start screaming, Police Corruption or brutality. If you’ve read any of my blogs relating to crime that involved crooked cops, you’d know that I’m not a fan. I believe our Police shouldn’t be first responders. Unless they are requested. But you can’t even get a flat tire without a cop pulling over to ask for your information. 

Also don’t forget. I’m black, so my experiences will be different. I’ve ran into asshole cops, at least twice. But I’ve also had some sweet officers. Yeah he was nice. He helped us get into our locked car. I didn’t tell him that it was being stolen by us with his assistance. He found that out later as we were doing a high speed chase. He just so happened to get the call about a stolen vehicle matching the description of the car he’d just assisted us with 20 minutes prior. Haha haha haha!😂😂😂 OK that was a joke. But funny funny funny. I’m a writer. My imagination is ridiculous. 

OK So anyway. I’ve gotten my piece and I don’t feel cool. Like I really don’t. I’m having a love hate relationship with it because, there’s too much responsibility to conceal carry. I like the idea of utilizing my rights!!! Yay!!! I’m an AMERICAN!!! But I just don’t see how this will fit into my wardrobe. 

For guys ( unless you’re a Daisy Duke wearing fairy) this is easy. They are usually more comfy and baggy. So its easy to Conceal carry. Me? I’m practically naked everywhere I go. I hate clothing. Especially in the summer time. Its HOT! 

You damn right I’ll keep it at home. But carrying a gun in public? Concealed or not? I just don’t see it. But I will still get the permit regardless. Just because you’re ALLOWED to do something, doesn’t mean you should. But this is a personal choice. 

I’m loving this blog post because giving information back to you is so important to me. I don’t just live for me, its for you guys too. And I’ll probably do a YouTube video on this. 

I know there will be those who don’t like the idea of having a weapon. But as a gun carrier, you must be aware of this. If you’re doing open carry or your gun is PRINTING, someone will see this and make a call to 911. Your description will be given and it WILL be checked out. Don’t put yourself in this predicament. YES YOU HAVE RIGHTS.  But imagine how this could work out. Imagine the outcome. 

911 call… ” Black or White male tall wearing a green shirt with blue jeans driving a blue Ford F-150 and he’s got a gun. My child saw the gun and screamed then alerted me. The man  walked out of the store and I followed him. I saw him jump into his truck and Drive off” 

That’s a lot of information from a witness who didn’t Care if you were exercising your LEGAL right. They just hate guns and you frightened their poor little child. 

Also, the cops don’t know you. So WHEN they find you, they are going to be on alert. Why? YOU HAVE A GUN! They don’t know the specifics yet. They haven’t been apprised of your particular situation. So they will be nervous, antsy, etc… Don’t put yourself in this situation. 

Something so simple as exercising your rights could cost you your life. Think smart and plan ahead. Think about the reactions of others to see your gun. 

We typically relax when we see an officer because WE KNOW THEM AND TRUST THEM. They lawfully have the right to open carry.  Civilians rights vary according to state. And many of us haven’t gotten used to seeing regular Joe Just chilling in the food court at the mall with his .45 on his side in plain view. 

Any thoughts? 

Would you open carry if allowed? 

What’s the safest way to carry a gun? 

Do you think officers would discriminate those who open carry? 

Example, who would you trust? 

Four men walking down the street in an open carry state. All three are visibly strapped. 

1. White Conservative male in business attire. He’s on his cell phone. 

2. Latino Hip hop guy wearing a jogging suit, bobbing his head to the music

3. White guy who is the back woods type. He’s wearing a confederate flag t shirt and you know he hates Obama. Lol 

4. The WIGGER. The white guy who SWEARS he’s black. Sagging pants, corn rows, chewing on a tooth pick
So who you gonna trust? And why. 
Watch the video if you get the chance if you are considering CWP or you have questions about different scenarios. The video is 45 minutes long but its worth every minute.