A personal story from your blogger…
So my birthday was Tuesday August 1, and my hubby and I planned to go out together and celebrate a little. I was so excited to see him come home. We went out for a bit and just chilled.

August 2 he tells me what happened on my birthday. He accidentally cut someone off and the guy went crazy. My hubby is a black man and so was the piece of shit that pulled his gun out. My husband is a refined gentleman. He’s already played the role of trying to prove his manhood. As the guy continued to try to escalate the issue, my husband sat quietly trapped at a red light with this thug immediately behind him. He literally had no way to escape and in his rear view mirror he could see this angry man just cursing and carrying on. My husband sat and let him vent with the gun in his hand. The young man stood behind our car shouting and trying to egg him on, but he wouldn’t budge. 

I was at home at the time waiting for him to come in so that we could go out to dinner.

Here’s a picture of us at the  restaurant. I didn’t know that he had a gun pulled on him just an hour prior. 

My husband Erick is the coolest calmest, most gentle guy you could meet. He’s also capable of snapping a man in two. But he’s not fast enough to stop a bullet. I’m so glad that he didn’t allow his ego to get in the way. 

I was very pissed because the guy got away. Erick didn’t call the cops. I wished he had, but he would have had to follow the guy and he just wanted to get home to see his family. 

I’m glad he came home. I’m also wishing death upon that sick fucker who pulled a gun on my husband. That coward thought he was a real man by pulling out a weapon. 

But he wasn’t smart. He was dumb. Just like the rest of the bullies who get into road rage incidents because someone cut them off or blew their horn at you. 

Our lives are too short to get upset over foolishness like this. I noticed that he gave Me an extra long hug today and I was like, Hmm, what’s up with that. Then he told me. Sigh… Sigh… Y’all know I was furious. My temper… 

I cried some because I realize just how easy it is to lose your life And the life of your loved ones. The number one rule that he followed was STAY IN THE CAR. DO NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR. EVEN if they hit your car, stay inside. Try to get away from the situation alive. Head to your destination and if you think you’re being followed, DON’T GO HOME. Go to a public place or drive to the police  department. If possible, call 911 and report the incident. 

My husband managed to pull to a public place, and the guy pulled in behind him. My husband ignored him and he drove off leaving the man in the parking lot. 

Something as simple as cutting a person off could cost you your life. Driving too slowly, causing a person to miss the green light all could be punishable by death. 

We are a petty society. We have no patience, nor self respect or respect for others. 

This teaches me to ignore ALL DRIVERS. DON’T LOOK AT ANYBODY. KEEP MY EYES ON THE ROAD. Control my anger, stay calm, don’t respond. 

You  know that its typical to blow the horn, or to yell, WATCH IT BUDDY!, or Hurry up, GO YOU IDIOT!!, because people take too long to go when the light turns green. 

From now on, say nothing. If they cut you off, you just got cut off. If they insist on driving erratically, let them pass. Give them the road. Let them have it. 

This could ensure your safety. 

Always drive as if you have another passenger in your car. Especially pretending that you’re a chauffeur. You’d never want to injure your clients, so act professionally. Keep your windows UP AND DOORS LOCKED. 

Keep calm music in your car. Singing and relaxing as you drive would allow you to excuse the behavior of those trying to lure you into a fight. 

Those folks are desperate for attention, they are selfish, and have a need for control. Don’t give them power. Just ignore them and they’ll go away. And if that doesn’t work and you’ve tried all you can and they keep pursuing you, well if you’re not a convicted felon and its legal in your state, get a gun. And make sure that you never brandish it unless you intend to use it. Don’t use it to try to intimidate others. Follow the gun carrying \posession laws in your state. 

Thanks for reading and stay safe.