It wasn’t just any old car: It was a Fort Pierce, Fla., police patrol vehicle at the Fort Pierce Police Department with a police officer in it.

It happened about 5 a.m. on July 17 as Officer Robie Troutman was in his patrol vehicle at the main police station writing a report, according to his report.

“While in my vehicle, I heard the rear passenger side door handle make noise and then the front passenger side door handle make noise, where I was positioned seated in the driver seat of my clearly marked Fort Pierce Police Department Patrol vehicle,” the report said.

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Troutman opened his door and reported seeing a man later identified as Aaron Orlando Rodriguez III run away and hide behind another vehicle.

Troutman and another officer detained Rodriguez and found two cellphones, a portable speaker, a $20 bill and a pipe with marijuana residue.

“Rodriguez said he saw my vehicle was running so he attempted to steal the vehicle so he had a ride home,” Troutman’s report said.

Rodriguez, of Okeechobee, Fla., was arrested on charges including attempted grand theft of a motor vehicle, loitering and prowling and possession of drug equipment.

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I do that shit every day. Why is loitering illegal? Why can’t I just stand there looking? Like what’s the harm in that? All I’m doing is standing, looking, and thinking. I don’t see a problem.