Orlando Florida
Courtesy of Orlando  Sentinel

“He was overcome and had trouble breathing — we believe because of the drugs that were in the room,” he said. “Those drugs were tested and came back [positive for] cocaine, but also heroin and fentanyl, so it’s possible he was feeling the effects of those drugs.”

The officer who experienced symptoms was taken to the hospital and released shortly after doctors ran drug tests, Mina said. Two other officers at the scene also were transported to the hospital as a precaution, but did not show signs of exposure to the drugs from the incident.

The chief said officers are already required to carry Narcan — a medicine that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose — as a step to treat victims and police alike, but the new directive aims to further protect officers who respond to suspected drug-related incidents.

OPD sent a memo to officers in late May after a police officer in Ohio had a severe reaction when he was exposed to fentanyl during a traffic stop. Mina stressed that the new instructions are meant to strengthen the earlier directive.

“The initial directive was to ensure that officers used the proper protection and used precautions when testing [drugs] and in some cases just send it to the lab,” he said. “This directive further strengthens that policy and adds an additional protection.”

The new protocol for officers who may come into contact with drugs that could contain fentanyl requires all sworn officers to carry disposable gloves, respirator masks, safety goggles, disposable gowHe and disposable boot covers.

The standards also require that a minimum of two officers be present when handling suspected fentanyl or synthetic opioids.

“If our officers come upon a circumstance where they arrest someone for suspected heroin or fentanyl and have to handle the drugs to test it, then yes, they will put that protective gear on,” Mina said, adding that officers will still be expected to conduct some field drug tests, but should do so in open-air environments.

“Unfortunately, FDLE can’t test all of our drugs, so there will have to be some field tests done,” he said.

The protocol also bans eating, drinking and smoking while working around narcotics and requires immediate hand washing after finishing work in the potentially exposed area.

The OPD said fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled as a powder.

Besides safety procedures, new criminal penalties will soon be put in place for opioid-related offenses. On Thursday morning in Orlando, Gov. Rick Scott will sign HB 477, which creates new penalties related to synthetic opioid drugs, including fentanyl.

I swear this just irks me. After my blog about the couple on Interstate 4 who were found dead on the side of the road with their little boys in the van, I’ve been paralyzed by this. 

I don’t want this in my city. I’m an  Orlando native. This is my home and I don’t want this shit taking over my streets. Yes I consider it MY STREETS because my roots are here. 

I’ve been blogging about this for a while now and of course, getting no attention. Lol anyway gotta keep writing though. 

When its states away, I feel like, Its those people over there. But when its here in my hometown, I can’t deal with that. 

I know there are members in my family on drugs. And the thought of them being exposed to this deadly substance just crushes me. Officers searching a house with this is more deadly and dangerous than chasing down thugs. 

You know what I expect to see more of now? ZOMBIES on the streets. I HATE, DETEST, LOATHE drugs so this is the worse thing that can happen to me. My city is so beautiful. The air is  perfect, the skies are blue, the people are nice. 

I’m trying to focus on the joy in my personal life and not let the decisions of others affect my mood. But guys I hate junkies and I hate drug dealers. They fuck up every good thing that we are trying to do to keep this world safe and beautiful. Look at what they do to our communities. 

Its just disgusting. Is it wrong to just really hate Addicts? Like I can’t stand them. I just want to punch them in the face and yell GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!! I’ve had addicts in my family and though I refuse to talk to them or even acknowledge their existence, I know they are there. Always looking desperate, dirty and pathetic. Lol they always need to borrow something and you can’t even trust them to go to the bathroom in your house. You can’t give them a ride because they may have drugs on them. You can’t invite them to parties because they stink and refuse to bathe. 

You can’t tell them where you live because they WILL drop by. Either to beg or to steal. 

I honestly don’t know the purpose of drug addicts. I know that they are human beings, but I just don’t see how they contribute to society. 

I’m trying to work on my compassion for them in the same way I’m trying to see the joy in watching two men have sex in gay porn. I just can’t. I’m trying. I just can’t find a way to like it. 

My girls saw that one day going into a McDonalds in the hood. This girl had little holes all over her legs. Her skin had a gray hue to it. Everything about this girl looked terrible. My girls, teenagers, were frightened because she looked like something from a horror film. This young lady can’t be helped. She’s gone. Oh and don’t let me see black people like that. Omg, The ANGER and embarrassment that I feel is indescribable. Its a different feeling to me when I see my race like that. It’s more emotional and more devastating for me. I know we are all the same, but I wonder if other races get extra disgusted when they see their own race just wasting away. I cried for a week after seeing a black lady and a black guy strung out. 

I don’t have a problem with the poor. I have a passion for helping the homeless. But addicts? I just don’t know what to do with them. 

You want to see that? You like that in your neighborhood? You want that in your town? Its not funny. 

We laughed at the role Chris Rock played in NEW JACK CITY, but in reality, that shit ain’t funny and cute at all.