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SHASTA LAKE, CA — Sherri Papini, the California “supermom” who disappeared last November and claimed she had been kidnapped by two Hispanic women, is now living as a virtual recluse, according to

Sherri has returned to a family home in Shasta Lake, California — the same community that she was allegedly abducted from — with her husband Keith Papini, 33, and their two children, and reportedly rarely interacts with other people.

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The couple purchased the home from Keith’s parents Kenneth and Kathleen in April 2017 for just over $128,000, according to public records.

It’s been hard for them, and they’re trying to put their lives back together,” her father-in-law Kenneth told “She talks to the Sheriff, and she’s told him everything that she knows [about her kidnapping]. Even we don’t know everything.”

Sherri was allegedly abducted while taking a routine jog near her home in Redding, northern California on November 2 last year. Investigators launched a massive manhunt for her, and the case made national headlines. She was found three weeks later, 150 miles away in the 452-person town of Yolo.

In a subsequent interview with police, Sherri said she had been kidnapped by two Hispanic women in a dark SUV. Investigators say that they are still working under the assumption that the mother of two was kidnapped, but say they have no new information on the case.

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Keith commutes to his job at Best Buy each day, while Sherri mainly keeps to herself — and, according to her neighbors, she no longer jogs. One neighbor, Joyce Allison, reports, though, that it was unusual to see Sherri jogging in general.“I’ve been here 12 years, and I’ve never seen her jogging,” she said. Another neighbor, Betty Vaughn, made a similar comment.“I’ve never seen her jogging, never seen her coming up to the mailboxes. I’ve been living here for 20 years, so you would have thought I would have seen her at some point.”

After her disappearance, police offered a $10,000 reward for information, and another anonymous donor reportedly put up another $100,000. Keith also set up a GoFundMe account, the Bring Sherri Home Safe appeal, which was managed by his sister Suzanne. The campaign eventually raised a total of $49,070 and — according to — it is not clear what happened to the funds.

You know I always wondered about this case. Lol I’m sorry guys I just can’t help it. I’m too skeptical to believe everything I read. 

They are back at the same house that she would never return to. And he’s back at Best Buy like nothing ever happened. 

Boy I tell ya.