State officials executed Ronald Phillips on Wednesday morning at a state prison in Lucasville, about 80 miles south of Columbus, the state capital. Phillips was pronounced dead at 10:43 a.m., according to prison officials. The lethal injection was carried out without complication, according to multiple reporters at the prison.

Phillips, 43, was convicted in 1993 and sentenced to death for raping and murdering Sheila Marie Evans, his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter, according to court documents and records that describe Phillips brutally assaulting the young child again and again.

Phillips was being permitted to see family, friends, spiritual advisers and attorneys on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. For his last meal Tuesday evening, he requested a large cheese pizza with bell pepper and mushrooms, a 2-liter bottle of Pepsi and strawberry cheesecake, along with grape juice and a piece of unleavened bread.

Aww look at that. He had a communion session with Jesus. He drank his blood and ate his flesh. 

I know y’all Christians out there probably hate me. But I just gotta ask. Doesn’t it sound kinda nasty and sadistic and satanic like when you mention communion? Eating flesh and drinking blood? I’m just asking. That shit don’t sound right to me. 
On the brighter side of things, they are both dead. The mom who allowed this abuse and abused the child herself. 

The girlfriend died in 2008 of cancer while in prison. She asked for compassion because of her health condition. It was rejected. She died behind bars.