First let me say, These women are PIMPS. And I’m wondering if the mother was pimping out her daughter. Anyone with information about the girl who was victim would be nice. I don’t want to use photos but the truth of this crime needs to be told. 

ALRIGHT back to the story.

“I just can’t understand why a 30-year-old man has that kind of thought,” Oliver told “It’s just senseless and awful.”

The two sisters were at their aunt’s trailer home on Wednesday in Russellville, Alabama. Their aunt, Melinda McNatt, 51, allegedly invited friends over to drink alcohol and take methamphetamine.

The 14-year-old got became intoxicated, and Grissom allegedly took her into a back room and raped her, Oliver said.

When her 7-year-old sister heard what was happening in the other room, she allegedly tried to wake and alert some of the other adults in the trailer, but everyone was unresponsive.

Oliver said that the girl then ran out of the trailer home and alerted a neighbor. The neighbor called authorities who arriveEditscene and arrested Grissom and McNatt.

“Thank goodness she was there and had the courage to go get help,” Oliver told “It was bad enough, but it could have been a lot worse,” Oliver said.

Oliver said that there is no familial relationship between Grissom and the girl and that Grissom was just a visitor.

The alleged victim was treated and released from Russellville hospital, reports.

If convicted of first-degree rape, Grissom faces life in prison.

Authorities also arrested McNatt. She’s facing two drug charges , and charges of endangering the welfare of a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Both Grissom and McNatt are in custody, and the bail amount for both inmates is was not immediately known.

PEOPLE’s phone calls to retrieve attorney information and preliminary court dates for both Grissom and McNatt were not immediately returned.

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30 year old Russellville man has been charged with First Degree Rape and DUI in Franklin County. Authorities took Tony Nathan Grissom into custody earlier today. Grissom, previously of Muscle Shoals and Leighton attended Colbert County High School.

Melinda Elizabeth McNatt, 51, is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but now lives in the Pleasant Ridge Trailer Park in Russellville, a facility so small that it doesn’t even have a listing in online directories. McNatt peppers her three Facebook pages with profanites, but makes sure everyone knows she loves her family and that she may not have a degree, but does have her GED. McNatt also has a previous arrest in 2006 for child abuse after admitting she hosted a party where guests smoked cocaine in front of children.

Living with McNatt was Amanda Grace Byrd. The 37 year old Byrd is the mother of two children and states in her online bio that she works at Pilgrim Pride Poultry in Russellville. The younger woman had just left a same-sex relationship in Haleyville. It’s unknown if the women were more than friends, but last week the roommates invited 30 year old Tony Nathan Grissom over to party – a party that included copious amounts of alcohol and methamphetamine.

Oh my goodness!!! Wow, these kids are just breaking my heart. 

The horrific surroundings that they are forced to live in. 

Same story different details

Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver said three people have been arrested in connection with the rape of a 14-year-old girl.

“This is just senseless,” Oliver said. “It’s a sad situation, there are really no words to describe this.”

The sheriff said Tony Grissom, 30, Sockwell Lane, Russellville, has been charged with first-degree rape.

The child’s family acquaintance, Melinda McNatt, 51, Pleasant Ridge Trailer Park, Franklin 48, Russellville, and her roommate, Amanda Grace Byrd, 37, are each charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Oliver said according to the accusation, the rape occurred late Wednesday night at McNatt’s residence.

Investigators said Grissom, Byrd, McNatt and Grissom’s brother, who was at the residence, were drinking.

“And they supplied the girl with alcohol,” the sheriff said.

Authorities said McNatt and Byrd are accused of buying liquor for the teen.

Reports indicate Byrd, McNatt and Grissom’s brother had all passed out when the incident occurred.

Deputies said the girl was “semi-conscious” when the rape took place.

“(Grissom) took advantage of the girl being almost passed out and raped her,” Oliver said.

Investigators said the girl’s 7-year-old sister, who was also at the residence, saw the rape, and tried to alert McNatt and Byrd, but they were “passed out,” according to the report.

Oliver said it’s his understanding the 7-year-old ran out of the house, went to a neighbor’s house to get help and called 911.

Deputies said when the neighbor got there, he was able to stop what was happening and Grissom and his brother left.

Investigators said the child was taken to Russellville Hospital for medical attention.

When investigators went back to the residence, they found McNatt inside the residence “smoking meth,” according to the report.

All three are being held in the Franklin County Jail. 


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Also when the girl arrived at hospital that had no rape kit for her. Its good that we have a witness in the neighbor who saw evidence. Rape kits can be so tricky because you have a certain amount of  time to collect samples and DNA. I’m hoping this Young girl gets the justice she deserves.