Alright this is disgusting. But y’all know me. The nastier, the better. OK not really. 

But this is some funny stuff.

So you’ve been reading the news and hopefully caught the news about the singer Usher being sued TWICE by bitches who he burned. My bad… Respectable church going ladies. 

So one girl he paid out over 1 million dollars and the other girl is suing for 10 million. Which I just discovered that she’s upped it to over 20 million. And there are allegedly more women coming from the cloud of shame that they too have been exposed because of the singer.
Let’s talk about sex.
Oh and herpes. And dicks. 
First off, penises are our friends. We like them, we love them, they are cute. But there’s a bad batch of dicks out there and we have to watch out for those. 
You should be able to just look at those dicks and tell whether or not they are good. Some of them have flaky shit on them, some of them are oozing with goop, green in particular. Some of them have little bumps. Some come loaded with Grass and some have a fresh cut. 

You want to look for the ones with the fresh cut. Why? Because you need to play doctor. You have got to inspect that thing. While you’re kissing and making out, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON. Look at it. Talk to it, have a conversation. But investigate thoroughly. 

I’m sorry, but you’ve got to have the talk with people these days. You’ve got to ask questions like, Do you shave? Why not? Do you have herpes? How come? I’m serious. And guys have their own way of checking things out too. 

I don’t play that one night stand thing where, we make love in this club. Lol I’m in the back room and its all dark, so I can’t see shit. No way negro. Don’t try me. We turning all the lights on. 

Is it rude to approach the subject of VD? No. Not when my body is involved. I don’t understand how people can be so horny to where they blindly sleep with somebody. And with it being a celebrity, that’s all the more reason to be suspicious. 

My problem would be, What’s my escape plan? If I’m down there and I see something I don’t like, what do I do? Do I get up and run? Do I pretend to faint? Do I keel over? Do I just ignore the green cottage cheese looking substance and just keep on sucking? What to do? 
I’m going to tell you what. I have no idea what to do. Lol its embarrassing. I’m just gonna get up and leave. And if I see bumps, I’m going to freak out. 

This topic is really grossing me out. I feel sorry for single women. At least if My hubby had some green shit on his King dong, I could punch him in the guts because that’s what marriage is all about, but you can’t go around beating up strangers. 

If I were single, I’d broach the subject ever so gently. 

“Take off your pants. Lay down and spread em.” That’s the kinda girl I am. If everything looks good to me, you’re in for a treat, and if not, I’m about to retreat bitch. I’m out! 😂😂😂 

The thing about herpes though, it can be spread mouth to mouth, too, so you have to be a dentist and a gynecologist. 

Anyway, the best thing about This story is Usher is exposed. 

There are two types. Herpes simplex 1&2. One of them is in the body but you don’t see any signs of it. The other is easy to spot and people have flare ups On their genitals, ass, or mouth. They can take medication to make it less contagious, but nothing is 100%. 

I’m hoping that these girls didn’t just ignore any signs of an infection. 

You know, we’ve got to stop putting celebrities on pedestals. They are human beings just like us. They just entertain us and have more money. Other than that, its the same. Ultimately Usher contracted Herpes from someone, either male or female. So the only responsibility he has is to inform any sexual partners that he is a carrier. That’s where he fucked up. He knew he had it and didn’t give a shit. 

Maybe because whoever gave it to him didn’t Care to reveal their secret. 

Maybe he felt that one good deed deserves another. These entertainers have pussy thrown at them all day and night. They never have to settle down with one woman. So the idea that you’re special or his best kept secret can come back to bite you in the ass.