Alright, yes I’m a girl. Yes I have been in love, yes I’ve had my heart broken. So I sympathize with Jeremy Meeks wife. 

But, I just wanted to point out something. Jeremy is 33 years old. That’s very young. 

Very very young. 

He and his soon to be ex wife have ONE child together. That’s a 7 year old. She has two teenage Children from a previous relationship. 

Hmm let me think about it for a minute. I’m an ex felon. I was offered an opportunity of a lifetime to become a model because of my gorgeous face. I’m married though with THREE CHILDREN. But only one is mine. The other two are psycho teens who probably always remind me that I’m not their dad. 

Upon starting my career, I meet up with an HEIRESS. SHE ACTUALLY LIKES ME! Hmm let me think. Go back to being a full time dad or sail across the seas like a free man with an HEIRESS. Lol 

Jeremy chose the right thing for him. As long as he fulfills his child support obligations to his child, he’s done his job. And I’m certain he’s going to visit the children still. But he’s too young for that life. 

Every man isn’t a piece of shit for choosing his own path. There is no crime in cheating on your wife. And even though I’d hate to be cheated on, it happens. She should consider herself lucky to have a Guy step in and help with her children. If he’s sending her a check, BRAVO! Many women aren’t getting that. 
Now for the newbie, the TopShop Heiress, girl, what is you doing? I know you knew that man was married. I just hope he doesn’t use her. I’m not saying he’s a user, or opportunistic, but , why not? She’s all over him. He’s a young man and he’s supposed to look for new adventures. Lol 😂😂 listen, women do it all the time. Melania Trump for example. And every other woman out there who wasn’t shit until they married their wealthy husband’s. So why is it any different for men? Women and men are both players. 

There’s a bit of discrepancy when it comes to how many biological kids Jeremy has. But regardless if it’s one or two, Melissa should consider herself fortunate. Chloe is an HEIRESS to a 5.1 billion dollar business. If my husband left me for her, I’d shut the Fuck up and hope that some of that money trickles down. 

Nothing lasts forever. And as far as Melissa holding him down while he was in jail. Girl, that is your fault. Lol I’m not standing behind a jail 🐦. Especially if he’s a repeat offender. Ok maybe once, but if he’s a career criminal, that’s not the move. Chloe Green may be getting the better version of Jeremy. But she needs to realize that people don’t change. Circumstances do. And that could play a huge role in behavior. If Jeremy were ever down on his luck again, would he take it back to the hood? 

I’m hoping he doesn’t. I’m hoping he solidifies the relationship with the heiress and that Melissa can find happiness as well. She’s 38, I believe. Still cute and young enough to land herself a good man. But she needs to stop trying to fix people. Truth being, she and Jeremy Meeks should have never met. You’re a mother, why are you dating criminals? Yes he’s cute, but whenever he goes to jail, you’re back to being a single mom. That’s not a good marriage. The two were never a match. 

This story isn’t about Melissa. This is the Jeremy Meeks story. Melissa just got caught in the crossfire. Jeremy Meeks is exactly where he’s supposed to be and he didn’t need Melissa to get there. He would have been discovered no matter who he was with. This isn’t personal. It’s his life. 

Melissa chooses her path to be a nurse. That’s not a reflection on Jeremy Meeks. That’s her personal choice.