Guys I’m all for a good meal. And Yes! I think presentation is key. But some of these are just ridiculous! I swear, if I go to a restaurant and order Orange juice, and they bring me, several oranges and a juicer, I’m going to hit somebody with that 🍊! Not to mention, I’d think they were trying to be a smart sarcastic ass. 

Also, what idiot came up with the idea to serve my food on a shovel? Lol in this case, I’d BYOP Bring your own plate! There’s no way I’m eating my food off of a shovel! 

I’m also trying not to get grossed out by the BOOKSHELF with sammiches on it! I can’t help but wonder was it dusty? I suppose if you view it as a cutting board with a bizarre design, then yeah it’ll be easy. It is kinda cool though. 
I’m not one who wants to go through an obstacle course just to get to her meal. Even though that would be an effective way to lose weight. Pure frustration.