I wasn’t a Linkin Park fan but I’m familiar with the band and their lead singer Chester. However, my hubby likes them. I’m more of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers girl. Anyway after Chester hang himself, we started having a conversation about suicide inside my house with our girls. 

They are teenagers so I wanted them to chime in with their thoughts. I think they gave their honest opinions, however, since they weren’t really fans, I think they weren’t tied emotionally to the story. 

Suicide is one of those things where either you support it or you bash it. 

By support I mean, understanding the reasons why someone might choose to kill themselves. 

By bashing it, you feel the person committing this act is being a coward and basically playing God. 

When I was religious I used to think that anyone killing themselves was breaking a serious law and were choosing their own path instead of letting god lead the way. After all, self murder is forbidden in the bible. 

Today I realize that the only life I’d try to save is a child’s life. Especially anyone under 21. Why? They haven’t  began to live life and they don’t know the possibilities available. 

Things could go either way, so I would strongly urge them to reconsider. I’d urge them to TRY TO LIVE. Because you don’t know what’s around the corner. 

But Chester was successful. He had lived a life that was financially stable. He has six children. Many people who loved him and millions who knew him and were inspired by him. So if he wants to end it all, I wouldn’t dare stand in his way. He’s a grown man and he knows what he wants. 

Life sucks at times. And this world can be a shitty place. Events like Trump winning, Usher spreading herpes and Eight fucking Fast and Furious movies being made and I’m ready to call it quits too! This is overkill. 

I don’t think we have a right to get angry over someone who wants to give up, especially if life keeps knocking them down. Life is tough. And when good people die that makes it all the more difficult. 

We all could possibly have someone in our lives who if they  weren’t here, you wouldn’t want to be either. Perhaps that’s how Bobbi Christina felt after her mom Whitney Houston died. Some people make our lives seem better and they provide meaning to it. Many mothers feel lost without their children. Husbands need a purpose to live and keep going and many of their families provide this. Some cheat just to feel alive because sometimes life isn’t enough to make you want to carry on. We are always looking for ways to revitalize ourselves. Children being bullied in school may not feel like there’s a way out of the abuse so they kill themselves. 

There’s so many reasons, and we will never understand them all. If any, but the least we can do is let a man die his own way and on his own accord. 

Think about celebrities since they make the spotlight. Would you want to see a 93 year old Anthony Keidis, or a 90 year old Eminem? I’m just saying that I think a lot of celebrities choose their fate when they are on top versus when they have been forgotten. 

I don’t think suicide prevention works for adults. I think a stable minded adult has already determined how they want to leave this place. There’s not much we can control in this life, but perhaps we should be able to decide when we leave. 

Do you agree?