Girl!!! What? She looks more innocent than me. 

I’ve contemplated a life a crime, but my nerves are bad. Like I can tell you how to be a thug, but I personally can’t do it. And don’t assume that because I’m black that I’m the criminal!  

Me!!!!!!! Yay!!!!

Anyway I’m always looking for opportunities to throw my photos in my blogs because well, I know you like looking at me. My summer look because its hot as hell right now and ain’t nobody got time for weaves and long hair. Ugh. 

OK enough about me


I wonder what they consider suspicious behavior. Because for Me it would be vomiting, profuse sweating, panic attacks, so yeah I’d be busted. But guys isn’t she adorable? This really sucks. I hope they don’t throw the book at her because this really is a waste of her life. I think I could respect this better if she herself were a voluntary runner and heading her own criminal empire, but that fact that she copped out and said SOME MAN asked me to run it for him, that’s a bit disappointing. And many people think that having the kids in the car would help their case, but it doesn’t. 

It just kinda makes you look like a unfit mom who is a drug runner and stupid enough to bring your child along on such a dangerous trip. 

A girl I went to school with got this as her first charge at 19. She was running marijuana for her boyfriend. Now she’s a convicted felon. 

The criminal boo!!!

A woman was arrested last week after cops pulled her over and discovered $2 million worth of liquid methamphetamine hidden in jugs while her 4-year-old daughter sat in the car, police said Wednesday.

Seline Lizeth Ayala, 23, was speeding down Interstate 35 in Austin, Texas, when officers stopped her on July 12, police said. Another passenger and her daughter were also in the vehicle at the time, according to Fox 7 Austin.

Officers noticed Ayala was exhibiting “suspicious behavior” and was nervous as she was being questioned. Narcotics K-9 did an “open air sniff,” leading officers to the meth hidden in five jugs of “Purple Power” degreaser in the vehicle’s interior compartment and trunk.

The 75 pounds of liquid meth equaled 34,000 grams — a total street value of about $2 million.

Ayala later told police an unidentified man asked her to deliver the drugs to the Dallas area, Fox 7 reported. She also admitted to delivering meth in late June to Carrollton, Texas.

Ayala was charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to deliver controlled substance. She faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.