THAT’S IT! HE’S paid his dues, let the witch hunt end because its so stupid. He WAS found not guilty of killing his ex wife and the other guy. He’s in jail now on some stupid bullshit charge. These crazy racist fuckers Need to dig a hole and bury themselves in it. 

There are real criminals who could be sought after right now and they are still upset over some shit that happened in 1995. He was found NOT GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW. Get the fuck over it. This entire thing is about race and its so stupid. The same people who would find themselves saying, innocent until proven guilty would still have a problem with the verdict because its a black man. 

All the evidence pointed to the fact that he didn’t do it and this new case from 2008 was a set up. Let it go white people. LET IT GO!!! 

Is he a cocky asshole? Yea he is. But that doesn’t deserve 33 fucking years in prison. I guarantee the majority of the jurors who were all white in the last trial all thought he got away with murder so they stuck it to him. 

Stealing your stuff back shouldn’t be a crime. Kidnappings, and all the other bullshit they hit him with was so dumb. Did he break the law? Yep. But rapists are walking the street. He didn’t even have a gun. He’s a hot head who wanted his stuff back and didn’t trust police to do a good job of retrieving his belongings. Can’t say I wouldn’t have hit a bitch over the head for stealing My stuff. Everybody wanted OJS Head on a platter after his acquittal. There was so much racial tension in the air. 

Look I don’t know any of those people. It doesn’t matter to Me one way or another. Nicole Simpson was a crack head. She owed tons of money to drug dealers. Anybody could have killed her. And if OJ didn’t immediately slice her throat after catching her sucking another mans dick In HIS HOUSE, why would he do it later? She was a piece of trash. And he wasted his life trying to fix her. Maybe this is the karma you get when you bring garbage around. 

I hope he gets out and leaves these trailer trash chicks alone. They are a dead end. If he gets out, stay out of the media. Drop that ego and shut the fuck up. 

He’s been granted PAROLE!!!
WOO HOOO!!!! GO OJ GO! Shut the fuck up and go live your life. You got nothing to prove to these racist bums. 
What took place from HIS ACCOUNT

Simpson appeared remotely via video conference from Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada, where he’s serving time for kidnapping and armed robbery. Simpson began by explaining what he said led to crime, telling the board how he learned that some “some guys” were trying to “fence” what he said were his personal mementos in Las Vegas.

As a perfect storm we all ended up in Las Vegas, you know? I was there for a wedding and [was told that] the property was there.”

He later continued, “I said, ‘Of course I would like to get the property.’ He told me the names of what he thought were the people in the room, and I realized these are friends of mine. You know? Actually guys who helped me move, helped me move and store some of this stuff.”

Simpson explained, “When I came into the [hotel] room I noticed spread out everywhere was my personal property.”

“The only thing I saw that was on display that wasn’t mine was some baseballs, and I made it clear to everybody those are not mine. All I want is my property. … I wasn’t there to steal from anybody.”

“I would never, ever pull a weapon,” he said.

Simpson added, “I haven’t made any excuses in the nine years I’ve been here and not trying to make an excuses now.”

When asked if he believed that the property was his, Simpson replied, “It’s been ruled legally by the state of California that it was my property and they’ve given it to me.”

Simpson: ‘I was always a good guy’

Simpson reassured the board he would be successful meeting the conditions of his parole if granted, saying, “I’m not a guy who lived a criminal life.”

Simpson said in his nine years behind bars, he’s been “a good guy.”

“I was always a good guy, but could have been a better Christian, and my commitment to change is to be a better Christian.”

He said he took an “alternative to violence” course in prison, and called it “the most important course anybody in this prison can take because it teaches you how to deal with conflict through conversation.”

“I had some problems with fidelity in my life, but I’ve always been a guy that pretty much got along with everybody,” he said.

Simpson said he’s missed 36 birthdays with his children while behind bars and missed their college graduations, and if he is paroled, he said he wants to spend as much time as he can with his family.

Simpson’s lawyer fumbles letter

During the hearing, Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, planned to read to the board a letter Simpson wrote to a Nevada assemblyman, but LaVergne had difficulty finding it and asked Simpson in front of the commissioners, “Did you take the letter? I can’t find it now.”

He then located the letter and read it to the board; in the letter, Simpson advocates for state funds to go toward education for inmates.

LaVergne then argued to the board that Simpson’s letter didn’t ask for special treatment or an early release, but instead showed how Simpson wants to help other inmates have “a better life.”

Simpson’s daughter: ‘We just want him to come home’

Simpson’s eldest daughter, Arnelle Simpson, also spoke at the hearing, appearing emotional as she told the board, her father is her “best friend” and her “rock.”

“No one really knows how much we have been through, this ordeal in the last nine years,” she said, noting that “he didn’t make the right decision” on the day of the robbery.

“We just want him to come home,” she said. “This has been really, truly hard. … I know that he is remorseful.”

Robbery victim speaks: ‘O.J. never held a gun on me’

Bruce Fromong, one of the robbed memorabilia dealers and a victim in the case, spoke in Simpson’s favor at the hearing. He admitted the hotel room did contain items that belong to Simpson, but said that on the day of the robbery, “Simpson was misguided.”

Fromong continued, “He was led to believe that on that day, there were going to be thousands of pieces of his personal memorabilia, pictures of his wife from his first marriage, pictures of his kids. He was told there were going to be possibly his wife’s wedding ring, thousands of things. He was misled about what was going to be there that day.”

“O.J. never held a gun on me,” Fromong said. “O.J. is my friend, always has been, and I hope will remain my friend.”

Well ain’t that some shit. This man served all this time for nothing. A victim spoke up on his behalf. That’s a damn shame when people can’t see past skin color.