YOU SEE guys, when I tell you I’m right, bitches I’m right! I knew this clown was a fraud. Do I have proof that she had something to do with Aleah disappearing and her death? Of course not. But I’m extremely Happy to hear the wonderful news of her being arrested on drug charges. How long will she stay behind bars? Who knows with the corruption of the Police department there. But her being held without bail is wonderful.

Maybe she’ll have to cough up some of the reward money that she got from Finding Aleah. You guys know that I do NOT think it was a coincidence that she ” discovered” Her body.  I think she’s part of the plan. All of that crying and Thanking God That she did on the news was just for show. 

The one thing about people like her who want the spotlight. We the media will report your good, and we’ll report your bad. 
Isn’t she just lovely?? I wonder how much of the $9,500 reward money does she have left? That’s blood money. That’s money from the innocent girls death who never hurt anyone. 

What you may not know or have forgotten.

This story below is courtesy of Mr. Vandenberge’s report at Tristate News

BTW, who is Ms. Miller? I won’t tell Jordan if you won’t tell him. 

OK carry on… 

Without a home, without a car and left with only $8 to her name, Cathy Murray said she was already in a dark place when she entered a long forgotten, abandoned home in the pitch black. Her discovery of Aleah Beckerle’s remains put into motion a frenzied series of events that led police to uncover the disabled woman’s alleged killer. On Friday, Murray received part of the reward money offered by Apex Behavioral Health.

Living up to its promise to provide reward money for anyone who helps find Aleah, Apex presented Murray with a $7500 check Friday morning. Overall, the reward fund topped $10,000 after quickly growing in the weeks that followed Aleah’s disappearance in mid-July 2016.

“I still think about [Aleah]. It’s still very fresh. Unless you were there and actually saw her I don’t know if anybody could actually wrap their heads around what I saw,” Murray said.

On Saturday March 25, Miller said she and a couple of friends stopped in the alley behind 1628 South Bedford.The group was hunting for some clothes and were initially intrigued by the abandoned house because there were stacks of clothing and shoes behind it.

With the rest of her group occupied with the clothes and shoes discarded behind 1628 South Bedford, Murray hopped onto the front porch and went inside. The main level didn’t have much of anything except for the peeling paint and the distinct smell of a musty, abandoned house that history long forgot.

Murray went upstairs.

There were clothes everywhere, she said. Men’s clothes, women’s clothes and even children’s clothes lay scattered across the second floor like confetti after a ticker-tape parade.

Then came the smell of bleach, Murray said.

Murray was about to leave down the stairs when she peered inside a corner bedroom. There were two twin-sized mattresses, Murray said. Clothing was stuffed in-between.

She pulled one piece of clothing out. Then another. She pulled up the mattress that lay on top.

“Aleah was up there. Aleah was up there,” Murray said as she visited the house for the first time earlier this week. “She was in between two mattresses with bugs all over her. She was unrecognizable. She didn’t deserve that. She didn’t deserve that.”

After the traumatic discovery, Murray blitzed out of the house in a frenzy. As she was leaving the house, her boyfriend called her. Murray’s boyfriend is currently lodged at the Vanderburgh County Detention Center on drug charges.

“I told him you’re not going to believe this but there is a body in a house that I was in while ‘bando’ hunting,” Murray said. “He freaked out too.”

Murray’s boyfriend told her to calm down, assuring her that he would contact the proper authorities. He called into the detective’s office, police said.

The incredulous detectives then reached out to her, Murray said, and she told them everything. The following day detectives began searching the abandoned house and located Aleah’s remains. Detectives thanked Murray and swiftly announced unequivocally that Murray and her boyfriend had been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Eyewitness News then began to inquire into the reward and if Murray would be eligible to receive it. A couple of phone calls later and there was an answer.


“I had mentioned it to someone else a couple other people and they just said they would see what they could do more or less. You guys actually got the ball rolling for me,” Murray said. “It’s been really, really tough. I’ve been going through a whole whole lot.”

The reward money could not have come at a better time, Murray said. She was homeless and without a vehicle. Murray was also robbed several weeks ago, leaving her with only a few dollars to her name. She was able to get by thanks to the generosity of friends, she said.

She had been in a dark place in her life. It was made even worse by the trauma of finding Aleah’s remains.

“I truly am sorry though that a little girl had to lose her life for me to get my life together. That bugs me. At least it’s going to something good,” Murray said as she choked back tears.

Murray thanked everyone she could and then she thanked them again. The money will allow her to provide for her children again, which is something any parent wants to do beyond all else.

“I mean this is a fresh start. This is a new start for us,” Murray said.

Wanting to keep the money protected, Murray immediately went to a nearby bank and started a checking account. Her first purchase?


Seems all well and good huh? She forgot to mention the METH that she’s gonna purchase later. So she claims that the death of Aleah helped her get her life together. Yeah, how’s THAT working out for ya Cathy? You look like shit in your mugshot. Nice hair though. Thinning a little though. You might want to stay off the DRUGS! #justsayno 

Her boyfriend is currently LODGED?!?!? OMG I’M DYING!!! LOL 😂😂😂😉😉😄😄😄 THESE people probably do see jail and prison as the great escape from their pathetic lives. As her boyfriend was on vacation, IN JAIL, she had plenty of time to go ban do hunting. Its too bad she couldn’t keep her stories straight. 

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